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      Top times are posted for the MIAC. Here are the links for the sheets:

      Men: http://www.miac-online.org/toptimesmen1106.htm
      Women: http://www.miac-online.org/toptimeswomen1106.htm
      Relays: http://www.miac-online.org/toprelays1106.htm

      The updated sheet, which would reflect the very fast Ole/Gustie dual as well as the other meets, should be out later today or tomorrow if they follow the same protocol as past seasons.

      One thing I notice from a quick glance over the Men’s sheet is that Olaf has a huge leg up on the GAC men at this time.

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      This first top times report is pretty much useless to compare Olaf and GAC. This report only reflects 1 meet, meaning that not everyone has swam their fast event. Even if they did, most people are not performing at 100% yet since it is so early in the season. Even after this next report comes out, which includes the Olaf-GAC duel, it will be hard to judge where your team is really sitting in the conference. I always found that the top times report only began to be helpful towards the end of the season when everyone was back into shape and had several swims under their belt.
      Still, it will be interesting to compare where ALL the teams in the MIAC are sitting after two weeks of duel meets.

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      Top time’s for before the Thanksgiving break are out:


      On an interesting and obviously erroneous note, Skylar Davis is rocking the 200 free with a time of 1:07.12 right now. My hat is off to him for that performance.

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