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      Norman Dale

      Not all of the teams have names yet, but certain ones do. Check out the teams and see where you or your favorite swimmers went. These are just listed in alphabetical order… then vote on who will win and who will get the first pick next year!

      Team 1:
      Bolles, Andrew
      Bravo, Andre
      Cook, Jacob
      Gardner, Dan
      Herrema, Jon
      Heyboer, Phil
      Hoesch, Karl
      Lindow, Ron
      Kovacs, Dan
      Ray, Matt
      Seebeck, Lucas
      Takahashi, Koji
      Toll, John
      Tuuk, Peter
      VanAllsburg, Kurt
      Volle, Mark
      Welsch, Aaron

      The Wahoos:
      Conrad, Keith
      Davis, Matt
      Engers, Wade
      Entwistle, Jim
      Ellis, Paul
      Fenwick, Justin
      Greer, Aaron
      Heintz, Chris
      Herrema, Matt
      Jaffee, Brian
      King, Brandon
      Kurti, Steve
      McCann, Trevor
      Nelis, Ryan
      Richardson, James
      Tozer, Cody

      Team 3:
      Bacon, Chase
      Dueweke, Colin
      Espinosa, Alfonso
      Hinkle, Nick
      Holtman, Jeff
      Glas, Abe
      Hennigar, Dustin
      Johnson, Brian
      Kimball, Don
      O’Brien, Kevin
      Rose, Matt
      Ruch, Mitch
      Seger, Greg
      Smith, Matt
      Waterstone, Kyle
      Wheatley, Jason

      The CHOAKA’s:
      Barry, Luke
      Bolles, Matt
      Booms, Ryan
      Burchfield, Nathaniel
      Busscher, Nate
      Contreras, Julio
      Fetters, Ananta
      Frenchi, Richard
      Hon, Jon
      Hornacek, Brian
      Krone, Paul
      Mueller, Barret
      Reznich, Greg
      Rose, Steven
      Tatum, Atticus
      VanderBroek, Chas
      Voss, Brad

      “At Least I Have a 200 Free Relay”:
      Arce, Joey
      Boumgarden, John
      Dmitruk, Ben
      Fox, Josh
      Gostomski, Brent
      Gluvers, Joe
      Groth, Kevin
      Holton, Jake
      Jaffee, Sam
      Kubitz, Kyle
      Meisner, Dustin
      Osterbur, Lucas
      Powers, Mitch
      Stone, Nick
      Vogelzang, Ryan
      Whiting, Ben
      Yousif, Matt

      Team 6:
      Aguirre, Juan
      Blohm, Kurt
      Blunden, Chris
      Buma, Jon
      Bylina, Yury
      Collins, Brian
      Davis, Stephen
      Dekker, Bobby
      Greiner, David
      Gunderson, Ryan
      Herrman, Ben
      Johnson, Spencer
      Key, Ryan
      Parker, Eric
      Ransom, Tim
      Resseguie, Andrew

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      My insight on the teams goes a little something like this,

      Team 1 looks deep and appears to fill every slot pretty well. They have a good mix of guys and should score very well. That’s why i picked them to win it all.

      The Wahoos are also deep and fill the positions, but seem a bit Hope heavy… perhaps a Hope person picked them? Don’t know, but that’d be my guess. Their relays should be solid.

      Team 3 has a couple really good guys but the depth on this team really isn’t very strong. I could see them taking last or doing very well, they are probably the biggest wild card.

      The CHOAKA’s appear to be very Olivet-heavy… perhaps someone from Olivet picked this team, i could be wrong though. They also appear to have more freshman than would seem smart, but I guess we’ll see… they won’t be winning many points in relays with all those D guys.

      “At Least I Have a 200 Free Relay” is my pick for last just because of their lack of a full lineup. I can’t even figure out who was picked first on this squad. None of these guys are bad swimmers, but looks to be weak in everything but some sprints.

      Team 6 is puzzling to me… it appears they have 2 guys who aren’t even swimming that are listed on the rosters. Lots of versatility here, but since it’s fantasy, he (or she), won’t get to pick what the swimmers swim. This is another wild card that could really do well, but will probably fail do to lack of depth.

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      ya the wahoos gonna kick sum ass just cuz they chose me lol

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