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      Who is going to take 2nd-8th this year? Denison will certainly have a lock on 1st, but the rest of the field could be wide open. Where did UCSC come from? Also, JHU, Kenyon, and Gustavus weren’t in the top 8 last year but are ranked there for this year. Will they hold their places, move up, move down? Three returning top 8 finishers (W&L 6th, Williams 3rd, WashU 2nd in 2006) have made some big replacements. Can WashU make up for losing Slavik and Triebe? Can Williams survive without Brecher and Cunningham? Williams was 6:45.19 last year. Their fastest and slowest legs are returning, and their freshman addition just went a 1:41.4 relay. Can Millen replace Cunningham and lead them to another Top 3 finish?

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      Chris Knight

      W&L technically hasn’t replaced anybody, as there were no seniors on that relay last year. Sweet swam on the 6:46 relay in December because he was swimming quite well at the time. Unfortunately Diebold did not get the chance to compete for the spot or an individual cut at the BMC meet as he suffered an unfortunate accident and was unable to make the trip.

      Nevertheless, I think the fact that they went 6:52.9 at their conference meet without Ginder and with 2 legs unshaved/unrested bodes quite well for them. That would have been the last relay in had they not already had a cut.

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      @E0M8S wrote:

      Can WashU make up for losing Slavik and Triebe?

      Clearly these guys will not be as fast as last years squad, but they should sneak in to the top 8 somewhere. The 6:49 at Conference had 2 sub-par swims on it, from both Kushner and Vimr. Not to be overly optomistic, I think that they should be able to go…

      Kushner 1:42.0
      Beyer 1:41.5
      Vimr 1:42.5
      Leckey 1:40.5

      6:46.5 which will put them somewhere around 4th/5th in my mind. In addition, if they want a chance at clawing back to the top ten in team points, they are going to have to have a swim like this in the 8fr. It is the only relay that I think they can sniff the big heat in this year. They are going to have to have big individual swims as well from Leckey, Beyer, and Perry Bullock to get some points.

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      Yeah I think Wash U could probably go that. I look for Williams to make the top 8 as well. I think Spinelli is going to have a great meet. I thought Millen had a subpar split at their conf meet, I look for him to be right around 1:41.00 in that relay. I think they could be 6:45 or so. Kenyon will be back in the top 8 this year. I think second place is really up for grabs in this race. It could be any one of 3-4 teams. With Denison making a run at that nat record.

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      Millen was not shaved at NESCACs, so I expect him to be much faster at NCAAs.

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      Well whether he was or wasn’t, his individual swims were great. I expect big things from him including a 1:41 low split in the 800 FR

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