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      Come join Mac of the MIAC at Patrick’s in St. Peter prior to the Olaf-GAC duel in the pool. All attendees will receive an autographed print of the famed battle between Mac and Caveman12 that put them both on the map. Bring your camera and the kids! Chapel Partner will be signing some of his witty and non-offensive remarks as an undercard.

      Each autograph has a suggested donation value of $1. Mac of the MIAC will match all donations and hand over the results to Gustavus Swimming.

      Closed circuit to Caveman12 – I’ll need to swing by your dorm for some signatures. PM me your info.

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      I do not plan to sign anything.

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      @Chapel Partner wrote:

      I do not plan to sign anything.

      Chapel, I know that we are driving down together, but perhaps you should have your own autograph signing session at either the Flame or Ruggles.

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      If I’m not at Patrick’s with Mac, Crunchy Sock, E-Man’s Revenge, and Kevin O’Laughlin (he doesn’t have a handle on D3 he claims), you can find me at the Legion playing pull-tabs and talking to the bartender about strategy for the evenings meet. I think the bartender will agree that Stewart should swim the 100 and 50 after I talk to him for a while.

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      @Chapel Partner wrote:

      I do not plan to sign anything.

      Awwwww… Come on, Chapel. Be a good sport. You and Mac are like the celebrities of the MIAC forum! Anyone who recognizes you or knows who you are should get a scribble.

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      @Mac of the MIAC wrote:

      … or Ruggles.

      For anyone actually seeking out Chapel for an autograph, I think Mac means “Ruttles”. That is unless they’ve opened a new bar in town that I’m not aware of…

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