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      Ok, so obviously we are a long ways away from the MIAA Conference Champ. However, everyone loves to speculate and I haven’t heard enough about were teams will end up. I know we don’t know exactly what Olivet has but other teams have posted their lineups. Therefore, where will teams end up in the MIAA standings. I don’t think their is a clear favorite as of now. I think there could be some surprises.

      K- Coming in with some great recruits. They have some very talented swimmers but I don’t know if they have the depth yet. Will they beat Calvin? Watch out, give them another recruiting class close to this yr’s and they could smell an MIAA champ….With solid relay performances, could they contend for second this yr?

      Cal- Have some more depth and picked up some solid recruits. Tole is huge and they will have solid relays. Losing Bagnall will hurt but younger swimmers like Conrad had a great performance at MIAA’s last yr. If they taper well, could they be contending for second?

      Hope- Brought in a huge class with a variety of swimmers. Obviously, Heyboer is huge and will give their medley’s a chance against K. They have the most depth and if they can get their diver back will they be the favorites?

      Albion- Bacon and Krone remain. I don’t know of any newcomers all I know is despite unorthidox training and technique, they somehow get fast. Krone will most likely defend his 500 and 1650 titles. They obviously dont have the depth to win but I love their boxing robes.

      Olivet- Who would have thought three yrs ago they would have an MIAA title but they did it. You have to assume they will bring in a couple quality swimmers and will still contend for the title. However, word has it Jaffe and Davis may not swim. Their diving will keep them in the hunt. Are they the guys to beat?

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      I am split in the first place battle. On the one hand, Hope brought in a lot of guys who are very good and will score many points. On the other hand, they had several guys who scored a lot of points last year but got destroyed in that 4-12 sweet spot that Olivet owns. Looking over the roster, Olivet doesn’t have many guys we are going to talk about lots of hype up a ton, but they are guys who will bring the points to the table and split into the 4-12 spots. Their depth is even paying off in relays and with a sprinter coming in to bring home those relays, they could be dangerous. Their incoming freshmen are coming in under the radar, much like the entire Olivet team. As the team looks right now, I’d take Olivet over Hope, but not by much.

      For 3rd, I really don’t see this one being close. K lost a good diver and a good sprinter. They added a bit more than that. Their relays last year had a highest placing of 4th last year and while relays are very overrated in the scheme of things, their higher placings this year will make a significant difference. The place they will beat Calvin however will be in the 4-12 spots. They will have several guys like Fenwick, Booms, Hennigar, Arce, Julio etc who may not win an event, but will certainly score major points and knock others down.

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