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      This forum tend to talk alot about swimmer lone wolfs, how about lone wolf teams that are not very frequent to the National Scene that may make some noise this year?? What about a favorite lone wolf team from the past that made smoe noise we don’t tend to see anymore?


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      OK. I’ll bite. Obviously you were thinking of Depauw’s men’s team, which is just down the highway from Terre Haute. Anyway they should make some noise at Nationals, what with Cook and Alexander leading the way. I expect DePauw to get more than the 12 points they had in Houston.

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      Staten Island?

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      LIMOOOUUUUUZZZZEEEEEEE!! Not just a lone wolf team at nats, but a lone wolf team with only one event.

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      99 Red

      And before him Mike Heighthaus. I also think they have had some solid solo females. Perhaps Oberlin is the example of a lone wolf team.

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      Low Tide

      Has anyone else seen Heighthaus on any National Geographic specials? Very cool job that man has.

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