Letters to the Recruits?

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      KG from KZOO

      Here are the addresses for the recruits and some info on them…I’ve only included the important ones that NEED letters sent to them…Just let me know (PM or email (k05kg03@kzoo.edu)) if you sent anything out to them

      Mike Harden
      3574 N. Watson Rd
      St. John’s, Mi 48879

      -Education, 21 50 free, money is an issue bc his dad is a prof at MSU, really interested in study abroad, likes academic > swimming here and not how it is at MSU…(see other threads for more info)

      Sean Robbins
      2413 Heather Rd
      Long Beach, CA 90808

      -Very good swimmer all around (21 50 guy, among many other events) Cali-kid….Derek? He’s really easy to talk to if any of you want to call him up….

      Kyle Chabot
      2024 Dean Drive
      Washington, MI 48094

      Denison or K…his mom really liked Denison and both parents went to WMU and think K kids are nerds… Bio major, likes the idea that he can get into grad schools from K….swam with Bobby at Oly…this guy is another strong kid all across the board in every event

      Brian Bazzel

      I’ll find out the address soon, but I think he’d be an easy pick up if we had a letter or two sent to him (impresses the parents, which is huge)

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