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      So it turns out Krazelburg is going after the Olympics again.

      He has one heck a challenge with Piersol and Lochte, along with others like Marshall and Bal. I will root for him, just putting everything out there when his career is supposed to be over- Awesome.

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      Davle Salo let this story out of the bag last year when he was interviewed by

      Anyhow, I, too, will root for him because he is my age. But I don’t expect much from him, for the same reason.

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      George Foreman won back the heavy weight title when he was what, 45, if he can do it, I think Lenny can do it.

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      Great competitor but even if he goes the 54.o that he went back in 04 he might not even be 5th. Peirsol at 53.1, Lochte at 53.7, Bal at 53.8, Marshall at 54.0, and even grevers at 54.2 and improving That race has sick depth now.

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      I’d love to see him come back to glory, but as far as the swimming world is concerned I think he’s past his prime. Of course I’ll still watch and cheer, but my money is on Piersol or Lochte.

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      Yeah one of the greatest backstrokers in history without question, and a great great leader. I would love to see him go 54 low again, but unforunately that probably will not be enough.

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      There is just an overload of veteran backstroke talent in the US right now. In my opinion these guys will be at least 54 low at the next US olympic trials:

      Randall Bal
      Matt Grevers
      Aaron Piersol
      Peter Marshall (is he still swimming?)

      There are a few high schoolers right now dropping into that 55-56 range that could be 54s by 2008. I think Cory Chitwood and I can’t remember the other guys name.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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