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      Nasty Natti

      -Jim “the finisher” entwistle definetly wanted to show he was capabale of taking his distance free up to the next level when he swam the1000 free. For those who missed it, the finisher pulled out a spetctular comeback finishing up with a speedy 1:04 for his last hundred, including a last 50 of 31.2. His runner up performance earned the hornets an extra point. The future looks bright for this young competitor, perhaps even a mile swim at MIAA’s will take place.

      -Barret “sub zero” Mueller had everyone on their heals when the heat sheet showed his entrance in both the 100 and 200 back. Sub Z, normally a routine flyer for the hornets was in two completely unexpected events! The calvin swimmers appeared very dumbfounded by Muellers selected events, so much that their strength and wisdom were cut by 13%. Perhaps Z’s most remarkable event of the day came with the 2 back. Mueller showed signs of mixing things up when he took his first 100 out in a 1:08, however this young hornet showed he meant business bringing his last 50 back in a 33.0. In fact, his second 100 was a 1:10.0! Almost a negative split!

      -Finally perhaps the most intriguing performance of the day was shown by Eric “parks11” Parker. Needless to say Parker was taken aback when Kathy told him he was going to swim both the 100 and 500 free… all within a period of 3 events! After a tiring 100, parker proved his worth during the last 25 of his 500. I wasnt actually able to get a split, but im guessing it was around a 13 low. Imagine if he had held the for his whole race, I tink once young parker learns to control his full power, we’ll see him in the lower 4 twenties.

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      Great final analysis , nasty natti. I agree whole heartedly that jim entwistle’s future in he distance events couldn’t look any brighter. “The finisher’s” uncanny ability to bring home his races with such speed and precision is nothing short of remarkable. I personally feel that he should swim the mile at MIAA’s, but instead do a 3,000 and have them start timing at the 1350 mark. The longer the event, the better for this work horse.

      Both of Mueller’s backstroke performances were really startling. His sixth-place finishes may not have earned the hornets any points, but look out folks- Mueller has been finishing in 6th place all year in these events, and I think he’s getting comfortable there. If he can finish in 6th at MIAA’s, he will earn the hornets a rock-solid 9 points come MIAA’s. Ellis, Heyboer, Ruch, and others should look out- there’s a new sheriff in town.

      On a side note, I was a bit disappointed in Greiner’s 200 fly. It was way too predictable, and I don’t feel he mixed up his splits enough to get in Konrad and Groth’s heads.

      The real success story of the meet was Dan Kovacs, who finally met his season-long goal by qualifying for the Girls’ 12 and under Texas Age Group swim championships. His stellar time of 2:20 in the 200 IM earned him a seed time in the top 8. Other thoughts?

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      Nasty Natti

      I have some question pertaining to your statement Greiner did not mix up his 200 fly Nehimiah.

      Lets take a look at his splits:

      Greiner, David 29.19 33.34 31.10 33.04 Kzoo-MI 2:06.67

      He seemed to have been working some kind of “easy/fast” technique. Going fast for one 50, then recovering on the next. While doing some labrotory research, I recently have become aware of technique used by the common ground sloth. The technique is called “hibernation;” this is where the ground sloth forces its body into a state of rest in order to recover lost energy. Perhaps this is the secret behind Greiner’s 2nd and 4th 50, is he using this so called hibernation technique to build a faster 3rd 50? I dont know for sure, but perhaps Greiner has mastered the ways of the ground sloth. We should look for the continuation of this tactic in the future. Some might call it mixing it up, others hibernation, but one thing is for sure, this kid has some creativity.

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      Okay, Natti, I’ll take that back. Greiner did mix things up a bit, but it simply wasn’t enough. I personally feel that Greiner is more of a “defensive” swimmer, meaning that rather than going for the best time, he mixes things up to get in the heads of his opponents. take his 200 fly at the Chicago invite, for example. He split that race beautifully: 31.3, 36.3, 38.6, 32.1. Although his final time was much faster at the Calvin duel, I feel that his Chicago tactics slowed down everyone else in his heat. Since the swimmers in the consols heats at Chicago knew Greiner was a 54 in the fly earlier in the meet, everyone was looking to pace off him, and when they saw how slow he was out, they got distracted and slowed down themselves. This strategy allowed Greiner to come from behind and finish sixth in the heat to defeat Wash U’s Charles Stewart and Wisconsin Whitewater’s Kevin Everson.

      I think if Greiner had exercised this strategy yesterday and gone about 2:13, he would’ve distracted Keith Konrad to the point where he would have slowed down to around 2:15. I just hope “DJ Mixitup” Greiner can do the right thing and mix up his splits to the best of his abilities at MIAA’s. As they say, “offense wins games, but defense wins championships.”

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      I think you are all forgetting the infamous Dan “Ducky Dale” Kovacs. I know you mentioned his astonishing feat of making it into the TAG Girl’s 12 & U top 8, but what about that 200 breaststroke. I think you will all be surprised to find out that he continued his tradition of winning the “boner” heat of the TAG BOY’S 10&U championships. This feat has propelled his attitude to change for the better. He has committed to the ‘Paul Ellis Workout Plan’ for the remainder of the season until MIAAs. This strenuous workout includes going down to the bottom of the pool, pulling out your scrotum, pretending you are jacking off, grossing everyone out, blowing ring bubbles, stretching after warmup and during main sets, a lot of dicking around and the occasional sprint located randomly throughout practice. This method of training has been perfected by both The Fonz and Ellis.

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      Nasty Natti

      Excellent point there salad. The Paul Ellis workout is honed by several of K’s top swimmers. My only question is, does Kovacs have what it takes? The workout plan requires a careful scheme of yelling obscenities, touching ones self or others sexually in full few of coaches, and blowing bubbles. If kovacs is able to perfect this technique before MIAA’s, we may just see a 56 out of him in the 100 breast.

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      Nice signature Nasty.

      On a another note, I think Kovacs has what it takes to fully execute the “Paul Ellis Workout Plan.” Not only has he set himself on doing this mentally, but he also has the diet to do it. According to head coach Kathy Miliken, Kovacs has “the best diet on the team.” This diet consists of applying liberal amounts of salt to everything he consumes, from steak to salad to ice cream. This allows for Kovacs to be able to lose 3 times the average amount of sweat in one workout and still does not get dehydrated. Dan’s weight typically fluctuates 12 pounds from the start of practice until the end and he can train much longer than the average swimmer. On top of this Kovacs makes the journey to Cici’s pizza once a week with Ellis to get his fill of quality food chock full of 101 vitamins and minerals. Due to this, I forsee Dan “Ducky Dale” Kovacs dropping 28.5 seconds from his 2:20 in the 2 IM this weekend and will swim in a ‘A’ cut time of 1:51.4. Watch out Bobby “Double Dekker” Dekker, Kovacs is on the prowl.

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      Okay, well it seems that all of you are a bit lost/confused, so i will bring my sage wisdom of the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association to give specific predictions concerning the aforementioned swimmers.

      1. David Greiner- this young lad has the potential to be one of the greatest 100 butterflyers the league has ever seen. he has been applying certain oils and lotions to his body on a daily basis which increase his strength, courage, and wisdom by up to 7%. I predict that the first 25 of his 100 fly will be the fastest 25 fly in MIAA history. He will, however, have the slowest 2nd 25 of anyone in the top 12.

      2. Barrett Mueller- The development of “sub zero” from a pure flyer to a rock-solid backstroker has been nothing short of impeccable. I predict that Mueller will be the fastest 100 backstroker on Kalamazoo’s team.

      3. Jim Entwistle- He will swim the 500 and 1650. I predict that his 400 will be at least three seconds faster than Paul Krone’s final time in the 500.

      4. Eric Parker- Will be under 6:00 in the 500 at leagues.

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      Kalamazoo swimming sucks and this thread is a gigantic pile of dejected cyber-matter.

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      El Duderino

      C’mon Martha. We all know you have better things to do with your time than read posts on d3swimming.com (such as making a centerpiece out of fecal matter and pine cones, or designing some oh-so-useful knit sweaters to put on wine bottles). But since you stuck around here long enough to decide that this thread is:

      @Martha wrote:

      a gigantic pile of dejected cyber-matter.

      …maybe you should use some of that uber-creative head you have on your shoulders to figure out that maybe, just maybe, you could ignore a few posts by some (supposed) Kalamazoo swimmers. Unless you really are the cold-hearted [female dog] that we thought you were all along.

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      On the subject of fecal matter: some anuses say poopy smell better than Kalamazoo swimmers.

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      Nasty Natti

      Pretty cool Martha, just one question, why are u commenting on a “gigantic pile of dejected cyber-matter”? Are you suggesting that your in fact, sadder than one who writes dejected cyber matter: one who reads and complains about dejected cyber matter? Also Dejected is a poor word choice, maybe they dont stress proper vocabulary at your school, or vocabulary at all . Seriously, get off this forum, tool.

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      If you think your pathetic little post is going to discourage me from continuing my antics, just remember one thing:

      I am Martha Motherf-ing Stewart. I’ve been to jail and I am your worst nightmare. Bitch.

      The word I was looking for was dejection but I guess maybe dejected can’t be used that way. Maybe. Don’t ever patronize someone by using “u” instead of “you.” Did they teach you to use the apostrophe at your far superior school?

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      Chad, I know that you don’t use a lot of spelling in your profession, but if you’re going to try to pwn someone for poor grammar, it helps not to screw up yourself.

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      Low Tide

      Great meet for Steve Brower — I am really curious what he does year-end, but his in-season times look really good.

      Nice seeing K 1-2-3 the medley relay, but Kovacs splitting a 25 in the breast and Groth at a 20. in the fly is simply amazing. Fleming should be ashamed of himself for splitting a 30. in the free. That relay could have qualified for nationals!

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      @iamdonovan wrote:

      Chad, I know that you don’t use a lot of spelling in your profession

      That’s not a good excuse. No. 5 from Philly seems to do just fine with spelling. Maybe it’s just a Cincy thing.

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      Definitely an Ohio thing, in general.

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      @Low Tide wrote:

      Great meet for Steve Brower — I am really curious what he does year-end, but his in-season times look really good.

      I don’t know Calvin in-season times well enough to comment on them, but I was impressed by K. The 3 most impressive swims, in my mind, for the K guys were,

      1. Dueweke’s 200 IM
      2. Greiner’s 2fly
      3. Bazzel’s 50

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