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      Rumor has it that the Kalamazoo College swim team is disbanding with hopes of creating an Arena football franchise for the Kalamazoo Metro Area. The team will consist of the roster from last season (2006-07). They plan to call their team the Wise Owl Brigade, and will petition to the AFL to make the franchise official for the 2009 season.

      The roster:

      “Bob-o” McNabb: 5-11 205. LG
      Chris Heintz: 6-0 230. OL
      Don Kimball: 6-3 240. C
      Joey Arce: 6-0 235. OL
      Barret Mueller: 6-0 210. RG
      Paul Ellis: 6-2 195. QB
      Dustin Hennigar: 5-9 180. HB
      Eric Parker: 6-0 170. WR/K
      Collin Deuweke: 6-3 190 WR
      Alfonso Espinosa: 6-3 210. TE/FB
      Marc Korn: 6-2 200. TE

      Chris Heintz: 6-0 230. DL
      Joey Arce: 6-0 235. DL
      Don Kimball: 6-3 240. DL
      Barret Mueller: 6-0 210. DL
      “Bob-o” McNabb: 5-11 205. MLB
      Ben Dmitruk: 6-0 190. OLB
      Dan Kovacs: 5-11 185. OLB
      Jim Entwistle: 5-10 170. CB
      Bobby Dekker: 6-2 180. CB
      Andrew Bayci: 6-0 175. S
      Kevin Groth: 5-11 175. S

      Kalamazoo’s real strength lies in its big men, with a rock solid offensive line and a penetrating DL. Paul Ellis is a former all-county baseball player from Lahser High with a big arm. Look for serious speed in the secondary and receiving core as well.

      Are any other MIAA teams planning on trying this? Possible roster ideas?

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      I can attest to Swimdad’s comment. The men’s team is in fact joining the arena football leagues taking the spot of the Kalamazoo Explosion.

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      El Duderino

      I don’t know how good the Wise Owl Brigade would be in the MIAA, but I think we would probably keep within 50 points of Hope if we were given the chance – more than the ‘real’ Hornets can say.

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