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      For those of you who have not checked out the site, it’s back up and running, albeit at a new address:


      I’ve added pool records to the record book, but I don’t know names for most of the records set in the early 90’s. Can anyone help me out on that?

      And of course, if you see things that you feel are incorrect, let me know. The e-mail address is on the site, or you can pm me through d3.



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      is this thread going to get deleted as well?

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      Only if you ask questions like that.

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      bob-o, don’t know your email (should but don’t)….

      My 3rd place swim in the 100br was at NCAA Championships 1995

      Not sure you wanted to add old meets like that, but you’ve got the 1996 one listed (see 200br, top line) so I figured I’d add that info to your knowledge base.

      200br, line 4, Steve Hunt 2:08.20 – MIAA Championships 1993 (held at K’s pool, I might add)

      200IM, line 2, John Latham – EMU Invitational, December 1998 (so 1999 season, hence the 1999 listing)

      200 IM, Line 4, Jeff Walker – NCAA Championships 1993

      400 IM, line 5, Greg Raczniak, NCAA Championships 1993

      200 Free Relay – line 4, NCAA Championships 1995.
      Also, all relays should have top 12 in the database somewhere…not sure what Elston jacked to make only 6 show up, but we have data going all the way to 12th if you feel like re-expanding the list.

      200 Free Relay – line 6 , NCAA Championships 1996

      400 free relay – line6, NCAA Championships 1993

      400 Medley Relay – line5, NCAA Championships, 1995

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      Low Tide

      ‘Kirk’ Assink is the name.

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