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      I just had a random thought today. Can anyone think of anyone that was good in all four strokes, but just could not put together a great 200 IM. I am just talking about 100’s of strokes. Kind of random but what the hell there is not much else going on in here.

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      I think that is an impossible one, but I can think of a fw guys who were awesome at 3 strokes but not IM:
      World Level: Neil Walker
      D3 Level: Cole

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      99 Red

      In defense of Cole, he did swim a 1:50.42 or so after hardly ever practicing for the event. His backstroke wasn’t great, and he didn’t love the longer (for him) 200s, but I bet he would have been a 1:49 high easy if he would have swam the event with a taper one or two times more. Maybe not quite as fast as his fly, breast and sprints, but he seems less than great more because he didn’t do it very often.

      If you want to talk about a Denison swimmer who was better at the 100s than the 200 IM, you would do better to notice Tom Richner (although I would never want to say anything bad about Tom). Also, what about his often conference rival Pedro Montero, who I believe was a pretty fine swimmer in the back, fly, and free who I don’t recall ever putting together a good IM.

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      To pick on another Kenyon swimmer (and we pick on them because they are so good, so their names pop to our heads), Carlos Vega was great at 3 strokes, but his breastroke was so bad it killed the rest. Matt Stewart (GAC), from what I have heard is similar, with the breastroke killing him.

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      usually someone good in 4 strokes trains for IM. If you don’t train for the transitions then it is hard to swim the 200 IM 400 Im you can build into the stroke but 200 Im is a sprint so you better train the turns and the stroke transition

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      Well I can think of a d3 guy that was 52.0 in the fly, 54.6 in the back, 57.2 in the breast, and 46.4 in the free and I can not remember a time that he was ever under 1:56 in the IM.

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