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      After all the talk about how Williams would wipe the floor with JHU in a dual meet and a few people saying that W&L could give JHU a run this weekend, my boys in Baltimore came out and showed why they are the most consistantly outstanding team in D3 mens swimming other than Kenyon in that last 30 years. The W&L meet was never close despite some good swims from the Generals. JHU had too much talent and depth.

      In what is an unbelievably slow pool, they put up some impressive times (1:43 200 Fr, 52.5, 1:54 BK etc.) and went 1-2 in almost half the events, including 1-2-3 in the 200 Br.

      Not to say anything bad about W&L because they have a really good team this year, but JHU earned a bit more respect this weekend than they have been getting on this site and should be considered a contender for the top spots at NCAAs in March.

      I’ll get off my soap box now and get back to work, but I just wanted to say congrats to my Blue Jays and look out to the rest of the NCAA b/c despite their lack of pub around here, they will show up to play in Houston.

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      Chris Knight

      To beat a team like Hopkins, you either need to have definite (or at least potential) national qualifiers in every event, or you need to win almost every event. The first was never going to be the case for W&L, so they needed to do the second. I’ll admit that I thought that there was a slim chance that my alma mater could pull out the win this weekend, but yesterday was just not their day. I was disapointed and surprised by the fact that the meet was not as close as last year’s, but what can you do. However, there is no doubt in my mind that some year the result will be different. I hope that this can become a great (and friendly) rivalry for each school. High praise to the Blue Jays for swimming extremely well, yesterday, all season, and for many, many years. I have no doubt that both teams will perform extremely well in Houston.

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      Test seemed like he was a little off. Probably beat up pretty good. Hopkins does have some really solid guys

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      hey, Breastroker, i saw your buddy Mark Bernadino. he was recruiting one of the club kids who practices at our pool. I don’t know if you ever heard of Bryan Collins while you were in Baltimore, but this kid is fast. This kids already been 1:48 this year in the 2 back

      Any way, of course JHU smoke w&L. JHU has way to much depth in every event very few teams, if any, could beat them in a dual meet.

      But… I still have my money on Kenyon & Dennison going 1-2 (in that order)

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      lost at sea

      I can’t wait for ECACs this year. I’ve watched a few practices and it looks like the team is ready to win it again.

      Look out for some of the freshman that haven’t qualified yet… they are looking quick right now.


      I was flipping through the channels today and I saw phelps on tv…. for having the 73’d [of the] “101 Even Bigger Celebrity Oops” on E.

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