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      Same as the mens topic

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      This poll is a little easier than the mens. W&J had the best showing at the winter invite meets. However if you take away the Kaitlyn Orstein factor (now this is completely theoritical until she graduates), then the GCC women come out on top. They put together some really good times, especially in the sprints and the relays, not forgetting to mention Sarah Bargery’s two wins.

      Except for Megan Mier and Becky Giles, the Westminster women appeared uninspired at the Woooster meet. At least that’s how it came across with the results, since I wasn’t at the pool. However I’m sure they will have plenty of inspiration at the February championships to defend their title.

      Of the six schools having women’s swimming in the PAC, I would lean toward GCC having the best freshmen class, followed by Chatham. Come February this factor should make for a much closer championship meet. Anybody else with comments?

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      I’m not sure the women’s side is much better than the men’s when it comes to trying to make anything like a sound prediction for PACs. Chatham has been posting oddly fast relays and will probably start playing spoiler in events where they’re least wanted, Westminster is clearly down from last year, Grove City is moving up in the world (BreakingTheSurface’s prior comments notwithstanding), and I would have a hard time saying that W&J is going to not win–but who knows about the other top places.

      On the other hand, W&J placing top 20 in the national coaches’ poll is a little ridiculous. Kaitlyn could get another top-20 finish at nationals (in fact I really hope she does), but for a dual-meet ranking……no.

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