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      Last year Hope scored 46 relay points.

      I’ll give Phillip High-Board 30 Individual Points (6th, 6th and 13th)
      I’ll give them 5 more points.
      Total Points 81

      3:27.00 in the 400 medly scores 14 pts
      1:34.00 in the 200 medly scores 18 pts
      3:08.00 in the 400 Free scores 4 pts
      total: 36

      I’ll give them:
      Fonzi: 5th and 5th = 28pts
      Ellis:5th (100 back) = 14 points
      I’ll give them 5 more points (The will have atleast one more relay and Ellis could score other points)
      Total Points: 83

      Should be close. Step one for both teams is to get relays at the meet.

      Also, much like the dual meet, what really matters is conference.

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      I like looking at NCAAs, and since I don’t think Blohm will be swimming (although he should in my meaningless opinion), they will score less than predicted. I am more optomistic than Cheadle on the K scoring as well. Here is how i see it break down:

      200 FR: 1:24.00 13th 8
      400 MR: 3:25.00 7th 24
      200 MR: 1:33 4th 30
      400 FR: 3:07.5 14th 6

      100 breast 56.00 2nd 17
      50 free 21.00 16th 1
      200 breast 2:05 12th 5

      100 back 50.00 2nd 17
      200 back 1:52.00 10th 7
      100 fly 50.50 14th 3

      200 IM 1:53.9 16th 1

      Kzoo = 119 points and 10th place

      (For those of you thinking my 200 MR is way off, you could end up being right but just adding up times right now they would be 3rd)

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      Well I guess as an in comming freshman to Hope and to the MIAA all I can say is what a great time for D3 Michigan swimming. The MIAA nationally and locally will be very strong this upcomming year and the next four years to come with such great freshman classes. We can argue all day about who has the better studs and who had more depth but when it comes down to it competition especially in conference will only make us stronger teams and of course step up to beat our league meet competetors. Good things are sure to come in the future for the MIAA. Although Hope is better.

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      Low Tide

      As far as incoming classes go, I think it is pretty clear Kzoo has “the better studs” (Fonzi+Ellis>Heyboer) and Hope has “more depth”. But that was a decent post, especially for someone on their way to Hope 🙂

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      Low Tide, i don’t think i am alone when i say i love when you post because we get to see your picture.

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      The Treat

      @silentp wrote:

      Low Tide, i don’t think i am alone when i say i love when you post because we get to see your picture.

      i second that. if only it was bigger…

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      N Dynamite

      I don’t know, I like this one, but I liked the chick getting run over by the jumper at the track meet better.

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      I don’t want to say anything Cheadle but even being a Hope guy over here I have to think that you’re being awful conservative with your estimates.

      Alfonso Espinosa’s Sr Cut already puts him as the top time in the country. Not to mention last year’s national champ AND the runner up both graduated. I mean I can see how you might not want to pick him as the natl champ in August, but 5th seems like it’s way conservative. His 2 breast, who knows? 50 Free or third event, up in the air as well but his 100 should be higher at this point. SCY Sr Cut is 56.2 and no one in the country that has eligibility remaining went that last year.

      Also, the Ellis kid, 5th? Places 1-2-3 all graduated leaving only one person ahead of him from last year and by all of .13. Not to mention if he is this savior that SwimKid is making him out to be with his seasonal training and never taking swimming serious before now, drops are expected. Not to mention the fly isn’t as strong as it was a couple years ago and who knows what ellis can do in the 2 back. SwimKid also said that Ellis was a 20.8. Pretty sure that will score some solid points. And don’t forget about Dekker. You’re also bringing in a 47.3

      I may not go as far as SilentP but I am shading more that way from what I know about your class. Should be a good year for the MIAA at nats.

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      I was being conservative because I wanted to see what other thought. I can see Hope and kzoo placing top 12 this year. It will come down to relays of course, both teams need 2 top heat relays.

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      I can see why Happy, you might not take it as far as i did, but i really do think those are all possible. It would, however, mean that they all had to swim those times and places at the same time. Next year seems to be pretty open in a number of events and could actually end up being a bit slower at the top in events like the back and fly.

      Relays remain to be seen, but to be honest, i can’t imagine any of the relays getting faster, other than the 800 FR. The majority of the other relays suffered major losses (think Duda or Cunningham or Slavik/Triebe) and without them around, teams should be slightly slower. This could help the MIAA a lot. Olivet needs some drops, but could put a medley relay in. Hope should make a sprint relay, but these losses do help anyway. Calvin looks to be in trouble because their best relay should take a 6:50 or faster to go.

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