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      Alright now, I’m posting, again, with mad commas in the place to be, because periods are no fun (double entendre)!

      In regards to my post, my only post, back in December, which somebody pointed out, I made that statement prematurely butat the time, it was mostly accurate, except for the fact that Harris has been reliable butterflier, I mean he went like :49 off a rest and who knows which Kenyon swimmers have even shaved yet this year. It was clearly premature because it seems as though, without fail, Kenyon always gets their game right at this time of year, and granted, they don’t always swim incredibly fast at conference, Emory often swims faster than they do in February but the jumps that some of those guys made from pre-February to February was uncanny, whoever said Steen deserves coach of the year awards should they win nationals was spot on, especially considering what that team, and he personally, has gone through!

      Furthermore, although I still stand by my point that their relays are not as strong as they have been in the past, as many posters have echoed, the fact that that Josh Mitchell went a 51 in the backstroke makes me wonder if winning the Medley will even be that hard for them. I think they have a guy, Christian, who can split at least a :46 on the free, and the other two legs they are more than adequate on. They have no shot at winning the 8 free, that belongs to Denison, although I saw that Kenyon beat them at conf., however, they have a shot at least being top 3 in the 2 med and 2 free relays, and could win the 4 free relay as they posted a conf. time that would have been very competitive in last year’s nationals. It is true that they don’t have a “Duda” this year, or a truly bankable swimmer like they have in the past (a Courtney Brooks, A Read Boon, A Russell Hunt, or a Tom Ashby) that can win individually and be super solid on a relay, but it looks as though they are coming together as “above-average” swimmers. I mean, with the exception of Duda last year, they won the 4 free relay with, somebody correct me if I’m wrong, Christian, Jimmy Berger (Who only ever swam fast on relays) and DeHart who never swam the 100 and I’m not sure if he ever went under :46 in the 100 but I think all four split sub :46 or damn near close.

      It’s hard to vote against Kenyon, but then again, they don’t have divers, but then again, they never have. I heard a rumor that Steen hired a diving coach and is actually trying to build a diving program. Gosh dang they would be scary with Steen, swimmers, and some legitimate divers! But those guys always find a way to come around in March and I don’t know why this year would be any different. While another team could definitely win this year, it seems as though Emory and Hopkins always find a way to blow it and choke, and Denison just falls short due to lack of depth. Anyway, thought I would repost since I got called out and since I haven’t in a while.

      Roger that, Houston, we do NOT have a problem

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      Monkey Boy

      Ok, what is this “everything the team and Coach Steen has gone through” this year that everyone, except apparently me, knows about?

      Spill it.

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      And…. how does it compare to what Emory had to deal with before Christmas?

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      If you’re not in the know, then you’re not to know!

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      Oh Trout, great point, I completely forgot about that incident, clearly I did not swim for Emory, but that is definitely more devastating, and closer to home, I guess only time will tell how much that affects the men’s and women’s teams, one would have to assume moreso the women’s team but something that close to the team undoubtedly must affect both, very tragic and makes me sad/angry when someone that young passes. I hope that Emory can still swim fast come March and this doesn’t have any lasting effect on their performance…

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      What happened to Kenyon Flyer Caroll Bullock–he is no longer on the roster?

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