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      Here is a thought for us now or later. As I scrolled thru some of the predictions, I thought of this. If one of you guys (I.E. silentp, DC, facenorth, etc) has some spare time, binrg up some of the old predictions that people made, accurate or otherwise.

      I’d like to think that my prediction on score was pretty accurate only being off by 4.5 points to Hope’s score and if K would not have DQed their 8 free, only a few points off their total as well.

      Also, for a laugh, go back and look at our MVP discussion. We could not be more blind the the animal that is Paul “I take my mile out in 4:35” Krone.

      Also, as a forum were were pretty dead on with an event that was up in the air, the 1 fly.

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      I’m not sure I’d refer to Paul as an “Animal” so much as a guy who got a little excited on his first 500. An “animal” wouldn’t drift up from his first 500 split by nearly 30 seconds. (4:35, 4:58, 5:02, 1:30, roughly by my calculations)

      Speaking of, does he always swim like that? Or was it some kind of strategy?

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      Just how he swims it, I want to say he was out in 9:29 when he went 15:52. It’d be really interesting to see what he could do if he split it like a normal person, but at the same time that might just be what he needs to do. Everyone is different, but that kamikaze style of swimming would kill most people. Certainly not how you swam your 5, which was a great race by the way.

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      and I suppose that’s true, but I still think if he could just hold on to that pace, it would be nuts to see.

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