Freshman of the Year

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      Who is the Freshman of the Year

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      It is much too early in the season to tell. Only after we see how all the freshmen taper and how they can perform under pressure can we even begin to determine who the freshman of the year is.
      Clearly a front runner is Skylar Davis. But no one knows how he will taper this year. He might pop off some monster times, or he may not drop anything at all. There are plently of examples of a person not hitting taper right, so this isnt out of the question. Heck, Davis might fall down the stairs and break an arm *knock-on-wood* and not be able to compete at all.
      We will just have to wait until after conference, heck even after nationals, to begin to compare guys and see what they did for the MIAC this season.

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      Go Hamline!

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