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      Titans had some good swims, some good times for a couple of the freshman on the team, GCC also had some good swims in there typical early season speed fashion

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      My general impression of Westminster’s times from Clarion was “underwhelming.” But first meet of the year and all, I don’t think that really means anything at all.

      On the other hand, 3:05 for a 3breast relay last Friday isn’t all bad. The 400 medley was Gannon-Gutmann-Simpson-Whisman. If you swap Gutmann with Lehberger, does that give you their A relay for the year?

      The most surprising result for me was the women’s 3back relay: Chatham broke the meet record and outdid a Westminster relay that included the conference record holder in the 100 and a returning national qualifier in the 200 — by two and a half seconds. The splits aren’t showing, so maybe no one had a good swim, or maybe the Titans’ middle leg was just very weak.

      Or maybe the Cougars are going to try and prove themselves as an upstart to be reckoned with. Their 400 medley relay impresses me even more than the backstroke one. 15+ seconds better than their finals time at PACs last year. In fact, that time would landed them a whisker away from upending W&J for second (granted, the event wasn’t blazingly fast last year, but still). Amy Kuuskoski’s free split is better than her split in the 4free relay at PACs. Not exactly national-class, but not a bad way to start the year. And unless they pulled some kind of taper for last weekend, they seem to have a pretty decent medley relay going forward.

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      Indeed it is good to see the women from Chatham swimming well, and making some “noise” early in the season.

      I agree with our moderator that WC’s times did not overwhelm. This is especially true with the freshman class. The only names to note now appear to be Aaron Whisman and Amy Buxton. Decent swims from both of them.

      GCC’s freshman class did respectfully at Clarion. It was good to notice that Nate Nielson (from Texas) was under 18 minutes in the mile. I know this won’t strike any fear for the Kenyon swimmmers, but any boost to the Grove City’s depleted distance swimmers will be much applauded. I’m sure that Jeremy Harbaugh will appreciate the support.

      GCC’s freshman women do look strong. Three which stood out from the Clarion meet are Sarah Page, Sarah Bergery and Lauren Baur. If, with the addition of Sarah P. as another sprinter, and if Jane Wilson stays healthy, their sprints and sprint relays should do particularly well.

      I did check tonight at W&J newly posted rosters. Bunches of freshman!! Wow! Something like 11 men and 13 women. This will make for a very youthful men’s team with only one senior and just two juniors. Noticeably missing were Zach Nigrelli, Ed Werner and Andrew Whittam. That means with Werner not swimming and WC’s backstroke trio graduated, the backstroke events for the conference meet should really open up.

      It was also good to see more names to Bethany’s rosters, but the men have only one returning from last year. Were some recruited from gym classes? Sadly, but typically, the Bison will remain at the bottom.

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      I would not say I found any swim particularly over whelming, I was just saying that for the unheralded nature of some of the freshman they had some good swims, I seem to remember that Trunk was not to over whelming in his first meet as a freshman, not that I think there are any Trunks on this team, I wouldn’t know I have not seem or know any of them, but just saying…

      I am excited to see how the teams get throught this first month of the season, I think we will know alot more about both WC and GCC in 30 days then we do know

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      You’ll def know something when they swim CMU in a couple weeks.

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      I agree with WCSwmFan. . . it’s definitely way too early to tell how the season is going to play out. I think that both teams will be a lot faster in the next month or so with a little bit more training under their belt. There’s a few guys on both teams who typically start out a little bit slower. I think every year I’ve thought Tom Benoit was going to be terrible based on his swims early in the year, and every year he does well for himself in February. I think CMU will be a good early test for both of these teams, and if anything, will get GCC and Westminster up and excited to swim fast against some good competition early in the year.

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