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      This poll was inspired by Waldo’s comments about Calvin’s pool. I am talking about the pool that actually belongs to the school for competition, not a pool they use to host big meets (i.e. Holland Aquatic Center, Jenison High School, etc.). For the most part, everyone has a natural preference for their home pool, but I am curious where people liked to swim for away meets.

      Personally, I think we would all agree that they’re all crappy pools, but I would have to choose Kalamazoo – good memories from the dual meet senior year.

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      It’s not saying much, but my vote goes to Hope, with Albion a close second.

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      Always Hope.
      In my four years as a swimmer, we had MIAAs at Kzoo (93), Albion (94) and Hope (95 & 96). All this was prior to the Holland City Pool and Jenison/EGR High School pools.

      MIAAs at Hope was awesome. Deafeningly loud before big races, and prior to the elimination of giant canoes as noise-makers it was the loudest place I’ve ever swam. Great place for a big meet if atmosphere matters more than pool. All the MIAA pools suck if pool-speed matters (which it does when you’re on the borderline of an NCAA cut).

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      I never got to swim at Calvin, my senior year was the first year that going to Calvin was even on the schedule and then snow stopped that real quick.

      I am the one vote for Albion. Had i swam league meet at Hope, perhaps that would have won, but i liked Albion for no real reason. I just liked the pool. I also loved the sign outside the showering area that said “State Law Requires Showers in the Nude”.

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      Hope, no question. I rarely had a dissapointing swim in Kresge.

      I’m with Waldo on this one. My least favorite pool to swim in by FAR is Calvin. That’s not to say that Calvin’s facility at large is bad. I like the stands and I used to like chilling near the diving well in between events. Basically everything BUT the pool was awesome. The showers were really nice.

      Best showers also go to Kalamazoo and Alma. Hope’s showers are not hot enough and the shower head’s nozzles are all screwed up.

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      Despite the cold water for the most of junior and senior years, Kalamazoo was the best in my mind (WINDOWS!). I liked Albion, too. I can see Hope’s pool being good for a big meet, but I was never really impressed. I did like winning an event at Hope’s own pool, though. 🙂

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      personally I liked calvins pool only b/c my start was pretty good off their blocks don’t know why. Never swam at olivet so I can’t complain about their pool. Worst pools, Kzoo and Alma, say what you want about Hope, Calvin and Albion even though its not a lot of cool down space they have it. I hated cooling down in Kzoo showers, didn’t really mind it at Alma b/c there was no cool down at that meet.

      PS Derek, I also like winning at the Dow, but I like winning in your pool more.

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