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      Rece Davis

      We would like to open a thread of possible topics to discuss. Is there a topic out there that Lee and Kirk have yet to discuss that you think needs some coverage? If so, post it below and the guru’s who know diddly squat may find their way to your forum.

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      How about a fact or fiction on the winner of the St. Olaf vs. GAC meet next weekend. Two top 10 teams. Olaf won the meet last year by 5 points. Could be considered the biggest meet of the early season.

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      99 Red

      Another top 10 match up that might be worthy of the game day crew is Kenyon Denison. While everybody knows that Kenyon tends to make a good showing at the end of the year, the first head to head of the season is much more in doubt. Dunn is out, Bubb hasn’t raced yet, so there are lots of questions about the distance events. Kenyon hasn’t had a traditional format meet yet, but they will be splitting the squad the day before.

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      Should be a good matchup. Denison always matches up a lot better in the duel meet format then in the championship format. I look for it to be a little closer then people might think.

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      I would like to see a conference breakdown – take 15 of the top conferences and predict winners, contenders, and upstarts.

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