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      Rece Davis

      The University Athletic Association is the best conference to swim in at the d3 level.

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      This is a question that can be looked at from all levels. While the UAA features more geography than any other conference in the country and is one of the two strongest conferences year in and year out I still have to say FICTION. The UAA lacks the intensity of other conferences. You don’t have great rivalries like you do in other conferences. There isn’t a GAC/St Olaf rivalry, or a Kenyon/Denison, a Hope/Kalamazoo or a Williams/Amherst. In fact all the teams don’t even swim each other in dual meets. What kind of conference doesn’t have a dual meet season? Great experience and exposure, yes. But the best conference to swim in? Absolutly not because it lacks the blood boiling intimacy of having a rival that you’ll see multiple times in a given year. Instead, it’s just another meet at the end of the year for a series of misfits to get together for.

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      Lee Corso

      Oh here we go again, why don’t you just talk about your Buckeyes and those Wolverines… but, it’s still FICTION. Rivalries are fun, but give me Championships. Let me ask you both a question, who won NCAAs last year? And who was runner up? Aren’t BOTH of those teams in a lil conference called the NCAC? Give me the best swimmers in the country and I’ll be more interested than some up and down depth!

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