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      Rece Davis

      Fact or Fiction. The Denison men will win the NCAC this February.

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      Lee Corso

      FACT my friends, fact. What people tend to forget is that this will not be the first time Denison wins the NCAC meet. Kenyon will win NCAAs, no one is questioning this sweetheart, even this old Buckeye QB knows that, but with those Lords being all hairy and tired at NCACs, the Big Red will be bright in ’07.

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      Lee, I think one of the things that you are forgetting is that Denison too, will be focusing in on NCAAs. Yes, Kenyon will walk away with the meet in March, yes they will swim tired in February but they still have the talent to upend the Big Red. If Denison wanted to win the NCAC meet, they would jeopardize to a certain degree their performances a month later. Parini and Co. will not do anything to hurt their chances to repeat as National Runnersup AND defend their 800 Free Relay title. Fiction.

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