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      Rece Davis

      The MIAA Relay meet is an important meet for coaches, teams and athletes.

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      Lee Corso

      FACT… with all of this young talent coming into the MIAA, the swimmers must prove they can do what they did in high school, up here in the big leagues. This is most important for Kalamazoo sweetheart, who has proven they can’t do anything in season and if they want that to change, now is the time. My papi always used to say, there’s no time like the present. Booya!

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      Corso, you couldn’t be any more wrong here. Why does anyone need to prove anything LESS THAN A MONTH into the season. This is a fun meet, plain and simple. You will see coaches swim around, slight and stack relays and not worry at all about the order of finish in terms of the point total at the end of the day. More than anything else, this is a chance for everyone to be together at the pool of the MIAA Championships. The performances for returners or freshman matters very little as no one has anything to prove in October. Stick to football Lee, this one is fiction.

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