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      Rece Davis

      Kalamazoo will travel to Olivet on Saturday and return home victorious.

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      Lee Corso

      I read this story when I was a kid about this wolf and these 3 pigs. It was a good story, and in the end the pigs win. The only thing in that story that relates here is they are both FICTION. No way, no how, not today Pepe. Olivet lost how many MIAA meets last year? None. Zero. Zlich. Goose-egg. And they have what on their side? D. D, in this case, means 2 things, Distance and Depth. Both of those are things those Buzzin’ Hornets do not have. Now, I know Kzoo swam well up in Holland, but last I checked, they don’t even score that one out. So take a note, Olivet wins and Kzoo goes home cryin’.

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      Rumor has it that Kalamazoo head coach Kathy Miliken has imposed a nutritional quota on her swimmers to prepare for this meet. Each swimmer, as of last sunday, is required to eat two 24 packs of assorted flavor power bars, an entire 4.63 pound bottle of endurox, and a 2 month’s supply of whey protein. They should all be pretty ripped for the meet this saturday.

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      The Grimace

      I want to hear what Herbie has to say… He’s usually more on than Corso anyways, even though he’s a Buckeye (seriously, can you argue with a guy that scores with as many college chicks as he does?)

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      Easy Coach, this one isn’t as easy as you are making it sound. This is FACT. If there ever was a team built for dual meets, its the Hornets. Lots of top end speed is going bring home 9 points every time. Coach Taber is going to do great things out there, but he is out matched in this one.

      Look for the team of Dekker, Ellis, and Fonzi to take 5 wins. Here are my keys to victory for K:

      1. Don’t look at the boards. Even if Olivet manages to go 1-2-3 twice, K should be able to neutralize it.
      2. First, first, first. Ellis takes both backs Dekker look to take a fly and possible the IM.
      3. Relays. K will blow through the medley, possibly even 1-2 if Olivet isn’t careful. Add to that, Olivet did not flash a lot of speed at the realy meet which means K could pick them off in free relay as well.

      This is FACT.

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