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      I heard from a credible source that Emory shaved, tapered and put on fast suits for their Invite this weekend because they will have to drain their pool because of the drought in GA. If this is true, and I’m almost sure that it is, then what the heck happened to them? Only 1 b cut on the guy’s side that I can find…what a mess.

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      Obviously I’m not there anymore, but I don’t believe that your information is accurate. I’ve spoken with people close to the source, and they’re not planning on losing their pool.

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      Dude, I live here in Atlanta (but didn’t go to the meet today) and really don’t think that’s gonna happen and therefore don’t think that Emory shaved. The level of sacrifice here is actually pretty pathetic. Granted, all the parks are brown, but it’ll be awhile before this moves from political football into actual sacrifices. I grew up in CA and know a bit about living through droughts, and GA has a bit to learn.

      Sonny Purdue (governor) is going to have a prayer service for rain… yep, he’s going to pray for rain. Political football at its best.

      Oh, and all the houses with nice cars have green lawns.

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      this is true, but there is also a $1000 fine for watering your lawn and if you do it again you go to jail. So of course there are going to be rich snobs who won’t comply because they have friends “higher up”. I also find it interesting that the building with the most violations of the water laws is city hall, but I digress. From what I hear Emory is actually doing a fairly decent job and is trying to conserve whenever and where-ever they can. There is a lot of protest to the idea of loosing the pool, so the idea was slowed almost to a halt, but it is not out of the question. Hopefully Howell will be able to keep it until the teams winter training, but it doesn’t look so good for Emory no matter how you see it. Atlanta is fighting an uphill battle against a major water shortage and the governor is being a complete idiot about the issue, so conservation attempts are starting to pop up everywhere, including at recreational facilities. The whole situation is just so mind-blowing. Water is one of those things everyone just takes for granted.

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