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      Low Tide

      Show your Hornet pride!

      Alumni are invited to support the Men’s and Women’s Hornet Basketball teams this week at the 2007 MIAA Basketball Tournament. The women will play Adrian tonight at 7:30 pm at The Merillat Sport & Fitness Center on Adrian ‘s campus in Adrian , MI . The men will play Tri-State in the Quarterfinals this Wednesday at 7:30 pm at Hershey Hall on Tri-State’s campus in Angola , IN. More information is available online at

      Go Hornets!

      Office of Alumni Relations
      Kalamazoo College
      1200 Academy Street
      Kalamazoo , MI 49006
      (269) 337-7300

      I’m really getting to be an old, crotchety bastard. I was actually pissed off (seriously) to get this email, mainly simply because I never got one for swimming leagues.

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      I betcha Passage (or an assistant) had something to do with getting this email sent. Kathy or Steve need to get on this.

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      Oh yeah, I would imagine that K college has more than one alum in the Houston area. They should get on this for nationals.

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      This pisses me off too. The women’s swim team won more meets this year (4) than the women’s basketball team won games (3). The thing about that is, the women’s basketball team plays 24 games whereas the swim team has 6 dual meets.

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      Low Tide

      I wonder how much money all the different sports at K cost to run? Football, at least, has to be a huge drain on the school… the field, all those coaches’ salaries plus equipment and travel. Let alone the difficulty getting in at least 20 freshmen a year just to field a team.

      I have always thought it was ridiculous a school the size of K has a football team. Get rid of it, and pour that money into sports you actually have a chance of accomplishing something, like swimming and tennis (oh wait, they already rain a fortune down upon the tennis team, while swimmers are busy fishing out rats from their rundown pool).

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      i’d be pissed about getting that email also…..that’d be like sending out an email to alums asking them to attend a farewell ceremony to all the kids getting kicked off campus (since there tends to be about 15-20 of those each year, it’s about the same number as bball players).

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