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      Some good matchups this weekend individually…

      Albion v. Hope.
      1000/500- Krone v. Richardson. Their times are very comparable right now should make for good races. Later in the season or tapered, Krone would be the fav.
      1/2 br- 1:02, 2:21 is solid out of Vennetis. King and Heyboer’s 1:04’s last weekend won’t cut it.
      50/100- Gunderson v. Hope sprint factory. Gunderson 21.7 and 48.5 I think are pretty much PR’s compared to last season. I think he will be even quicker this weekend at Hope’s pool; however, I think either RVZ, Rose, CVB, or Kurti will pull out a win in the 100 or 50.

      Cal v. Olivet
      1000/500- Davis v. Conrad. Both have very similar times around 10:15ish and 4:55. Hopefully, they are both in one or the other for a good race.
      1 fly- JBG v. Koji, Rafe, Yury, Johnson, whoever- Maxwell showing good swims (23.8 split, 2:07 in first 2 fly race). JBG will have to improve on his 56 from last week to make it a race though.
      100- JBG v. Powers- 49’s from both last weekend
      2 bk- Gluvers v. Beckwith- Beckwith had a considerably faster time last week (2:06 v. 2:10) but Gluvers same faster last yr in season.
      50- KVA vs. Powers- Nothing phenominal last week 24.0 and 23.0. Both should be quicker this weekend.

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      Calvin and Denison will be provided great competition from Denison and Wayne State. I am interested to see what Conrad and Davis can do with superior competition.

      My prediction for Albion/Hope is Gunderson wins the 50 but loses the 100, niether are all that close.

      Kzoo travels to the windy city for an invitational, but I’m not sure who’s coming outside of U of C and Wash U. I am most excited to see if Booms continue to be extremely impressive and if we see Fleming continue to improve.

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      stewie thanks for pointing out that krone would be the favorite tapered. If Gunderson repeats his 50 I think he will win. However a 48.5 and he is looking at third.

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      maybe I am the only one, but it pains me to see kzoo has someone in the top 3 in the 50 and people barely cracking top ten for things like the 400 im, 500 and mile. Certainly a new breed of hornet.

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      The 2 bk should be a good race, four guys at 2:01. Maybe Ellis will break 2:00?

      Too bad the hornets have their share of 2 flyers still. Btw, can’t Griener manage a 2 fly? Did he swim it last year at all? Seems like it would score better than his 49 in the 100 last yr.

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      dont count on Greiner’s 200 fly.

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      Olivet/Denision/Calvin results are posted from last night at Eastern Michigan.


      Probably the only notables, were Key in the Medley(59.69), 2Br (2:14.6) and Davis’ 1000 (10:11.72) and 500 (4:55.56). Olivet does look like they have quite a few guys who can swim the 2Fly tho.

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      Low Tide

      Ellis is not swimming?

      Nice 100 from Bazzel — 49.3

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      Rudy Shingle

      He didn’s swim on friday but did on saturday

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      Saturday’s impressive swims at the Chicago Invite, for me were

      Ellis 24.7, 53.2 backs
      Julio 4:30 4IM
      Bazzel 1:49 200
      Dekker 48 split on the 400 FR

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      Kzoo should have a good 400 free relay, somewhere around 3:06.

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      Now that we are less than a week away from the tri meet. What does everyone think the outcome will be? Will Kzoo defeat Hope?

      Does anyone know the order of event and will the order effect the outcome of the meet?

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      No, breakdancer, the order will not effect the outcome of the meet. It may, however, affect the outcome of the meet.

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist. As for the order, it’s apparently going to be short events, then long, and apparently we’re swimming the mile, too. Outside of that, I can’t really give you anything else.

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