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      El Duderino

      I stopped by usaswimming.com today, and noticed an announcement for the Dual in the Pool, which is tomorrow. At this point, does anyone even care? The battle on the Women’s side should be interesting, but the Men’s events are going to be a joke. Also, they added a cheap gimmic – the “power play”, meaning that the coaches can choose any event they want and double their points. It was an interesting idea when both teams were fairly even (and even then, the United States dominated) but at this point shouldn’t they just give it up?

      And with that being said, I’ll be sure to tune in to NBC on April 21 and 22 so I can catch the broadcast….

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      Chris Knight

      I think the Aussie women, particularly at home for the first time in the series, have the potential to kick our women’s butts all over the pool. Which could result in the total score being close. But who knows. I do like that they made the mixed medley relay an official event instead of the potential tiebreaker. Trying to assemble a 2 man / 2 women team would be a fascinating task.

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      I would have liked to have seen the american men swim some off events, such as Phelps in the 400 free and the 200 back. Lochte in maybe the 100 fly and 200 free etc. This meet could be a little flat after the great run the americans just had.

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      The dual is done and yep, everyone was pretty flat. Slow swimming for most everyone.

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