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      I had a ton of time on my hands so I started to think about the Denison medley relays. I think they will probably win the 3 free relays, but do they have a chance in the medleys as well.
      200 MR possibility
      ulrich 23.8 just a 2 tenth drop from december
      Peterson 26.5
      Byers 21.5, a 1 tenth drop
      Geissinger 20.19 I believe is what he split on one of their relays
      1:31.99 that could win it

      400 MR
      Ulrich 50.5 a half second drop
      Peterson 58.0
      Byers 48.5
      Geissinger 44.9.
      3:21.9 That could also have a shot

      I know we are all kind of on the denison band wagon a little, but these times are not out of the question, and they might be enough.

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      99 Red

      I do like the idea of Geissinger swimming 5 relays more than I like the idea of Byers, but I’m not sure if he will do it. Think Curtis could pull off the 44.9 400 MR anchor that you have Geissinger swimming? I can guarentee you that who ever leads the 400 MR off (Ulrich, Behnke, Byers, or Grodecki) will go under a 50.4.

      Earlier in the year, I didn’t think they could do it, but their breastroke leg has come a long way since then. I still think the guys at Hopkins are the team to beat. However, if Denison is having the kind of meet where they can win it all, then I think they could win these also, but my guess is that Curtis would be the anchor leg of the 400 MR, because Geissinger has to sit out something.

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      Or Curtis did go 20.9 flat start, so maybe he could anchor the 200 MR, that way Geissinger could still swim 4 relays.

      I think Ulrich is the only guy on that team with a chance to go under 51 in the 100 back

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      Chris Knight

      I’ll take Hopkins over Denison in the 4 Med. They’ll be seeded more than 1.5 seconds ahead, and Denison wasn’t exactly having an off weekend when they swam that 3:25

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      Yeah my results for the men’s 400 MR at the Miami invite got cut off I never got a chance to see what they went.

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      Byers was 50.7 in the backstroke his freshmen year … not bad considering he was only 54+ in high school.

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      Yeah he is a great 100 backstroker, but he has to swim the fly leg on both medleys.

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      Little doubt about Byers being the flyer unless Parini can pull a rabbit out of his again … he’s done it before.

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      I understand the Denison bandwagon cause they swam real, real well, but I just dont see how they just are in the picture in the medleys. You just cant do it without a breaststroker. 58.0 is a best case scenerio for them and KC, JHU and StO will have 55 mid to 55 high. Thats a ton of ground to make up.

      I’m gonna go with my boys to win and take some revenge for 2 close loses last year. I think Thomas could get down under 50 with Coach Kennedy coaching him up, Fedderly and Kegelman will both be strong in the 100, Sershon is have a great year and should be down under 50 with the relay start, in the 49.7 range, and then they have by far the best closer in the race with Test (Courage’s team cant keep him in this race). Brad could be 43.9, but I’ll be conservitive and say 44.2. Thats in the 3:19 3:20 range.

      And Kenyon will have 55 low, 48high in the middle there with helps out alot. Just gotta find those bookends. Should be fun.

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      N Dynamite

      First, I don’t believe 1:31.99 wins. I doubt that will be top 3. You’ve got Kenyon (they will find people), JHU, Emory, KZoo…

      As for the 400, I have to believe JHU is the favorite. I agree with everything that JHUBreastroke06 said – they should take this one.

      I love how Denison had a great midseason taper and now they’re not only going to win the 800 FR (they will, in record time), but now they’re winning the whole meet and every relay. Did Chuck Norris join the team or something? Some teams don’t taper for December! There will many teams coming out of the woodwork in February – look for CMU to be one of them. In fact, you heard it here that CMU will beat Denison in one of the medley relays.

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      I think you are highly overestimating the breastoking ability of some of these swimmers.
      I don’t see Olaf any better than 56-mid, you do realize westby isn’t swimming breast on their relay right? Wareham is good, but not 55 territory.
      The JHU breastroker could do it, not sure of his split at mid season, but his 57.1 still means some time to go, unless he’s a relay guy.
      Zarins has been there before, so i can believe that, plus he’ll be having some ground to make up, especially on JHU.

      To compare Denison to JHU, there is a possibility they are about even going into breast, maybe .5 behind, then about 2 seconds on the breast, so can Byers outsplit Sershon by enough to put them into the lead to beat Test? I would doubt it, but it’s possible.

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      I think you are probably right silentp about St. O. I maybe overestimated Wareham a bit, but he is still a 56.5 type guy.

      If you look at JHU’s breaststroke splits for the last 4 years at NCAAs, you won’t find a one over 55.9. Theres a reason for that. I’ll give you a hint, it starts with K and ends in ennedy. Fedderly has already been 57.1 flat start and hes a big kid who needs alot more rest than a Dec. meet gives. He will be big.

      For Byers to get a lead big enough for a 45.0 closer, he would need to catch 2-2.5 secs, then add on .5 at least. Thats outsplitting Sershon by 2.5-3sec. If Byers can go 47.0, then I’ll be impressed, but I’m not gonna bet on that.

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      Denison will contend for all five relays but as pointed out here they can’t be considered the favorites based on the major breaststroke hole.

      Re the overall meet…I see Emory and Kenyon both finishing ahead of Denison come March. They have a core group of stars and will put together some impressive performances but the don’t have the depth. Can’t see them with a full squad. On the other hand, both Emory and Kenyon will have a full squad of swimmers scoring points.

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      Low Tide

      The 200 MR will be pretty darn exciting with a lot of teams in it. I would love to be there just to see how far ahead Kzoo is after the first 100.

      24.00 25.29 22.77 21.21 = 1:33.27

      Could easily become:

      23.5 24.5 22.3 20.8 = 1:31.1

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      @JHUBreaststroke06 wrote:

      I with Test (Courage’s team cant keep him in this race). Brad could be 43.9, but I’ll be conservitive and say 44.2. Thats in the 3:19 3:20 range.

      Only a fan could call a life-time best by over a half second conservative! Test went 45.2 with a relay start in the finals of the 400 medley and the 400 free relays last year. As best I can tell he has been under 45 only one time his entire life.

      Are both of the Korean swimmers for Hopkins gone? I think they are. That means that 3/4 of a relay that went 3:20.7 is gone. I don’t see them going under 3:22 (well, when did Fedderly go his 57.1? Last year or this year, and was it w/relay start.)?

      Kenyon: who will be doing their breaststroke? They’ll figure out a way to get down there.

      Kzoo: not in the hunt this year. But I am really excited about having a front end that has already been 23.5 / 24.8 (not at the same time, but these guys are freshmen). When Kenyon went a 1:28 they were only a click faster than that.

      My prediction is that the winner is the one who goes under 3:22.00 and 1:32.00 And they have to do it in March not February.

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      N Dynamite

      There will be mulitple teams under 1:32 in February, but this is the key: @DonCheadle wrote:

      And they have to do it in March not February.

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      @DonCheadle wrote:

      @JHUBreaststroke06 wrote:

      I with Test (Courage’s team cant keep him in this race). Brad could be 43.9, but I’ll be conservitive and say 44.2. Thats in the 3:19 3:20 range.

      Only a fan could call a life-time best by over a half second conservative! Test went 45.2 with a relay start in the finals of the 400 medley and the 400 free relays last year. As best I can tell he has been under 45 only one time his entire life.

      Ok, maybe I am a bit of a fan, but the guy has been 45.0 3 times flat start. He has a solid relay start and he is swimming much faster this year than even last. He was 44 on both 400 relays at Kenyon in Dec and if he doesnt have to try to run down a 44.8 guy from 0.8 back, I think he paces better and goes 44.5 no problem last year in the 400 MR.

      Fedderly was 57.1 flat start at Kenyon 3 weeks ago. And yes, both swimmers of Korean decent are gone (sean would point out that he is from Silver Spring, MD, born and raised, but whatever) However Thomas has already been as fast as Ryan was and Sershon is within .6 of Sean’s split already. I dont think they lose much ground there and with Test only getting faster, I dont see a reason to bash them. Fan?- yes, but I support my fandom

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      Take it easy Mr. Sensitive, there was no bashing. You’re probably right, it looks like they could be faster than last year.

      How does Hopkins do historically compared to their mid-season taper meets? Actually, I don’t put much stock in that because it really depends on the swimmer.

      My wife refers to herself as Korean and she was born and raised in Houston. Actually she says Han-gook sa-dam which litterally translates to “Korean Person.”

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      Sorry, didnt mean to come off pissy. Exam stress setting in I guess. Just standing up for my boys who don’t get alot of pub around here.

      As you said, swimmer to swimmer, things vary. But on the whole the last few years, JHU has dropped some time from Dec to March. Relays have always been faster to my knowledge and the full taper usually drops more time off the sprints than longer stuff, percentage wise.

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      I through this topic up for some quality discussion, and lets be honest dension swam damn good at last years nat meet after they swam great in december. So I think it would be safe to say it could happen again. I think they win all three free relays and take a stab at the 200 MR. The 400 MR would be the toughest, because not only is Hopkins good, but that is THE KENYON RELAY, they rarely lose that one.

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