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      how the fuck do we lose another recruit to olivet. this is bullshit. im sure all they do is lie about how great the school is when they have kids up for recruit visits. My buddy who currently swims for grand valley said the olivet coach would call him literally 4 times a week and continued to persist even after he told the coach he had sent in his deposit and decided on anther school.

      What kind of idiot decides to go to a school placed in the fourth tier regionally by the princeton review over a school that is in the top tier nationally? And didnt he get the largest scholarship with a ton of financial aid? i dont see how olivet could make a SIGNIFICANTLY better offer than that. What are we doing wrong? that school is a fucking trash pile. Anyone who has visited that campus has to see that is just a second chance school for crackheads and bumfuck retards. fuck olivet.

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      Olivet may be a pile of crap school, but don’t underestimate Jake as a recuriter. The guy is really persistent. What happens with persistency is that 1) you annoy alot of people 2) you have a lot of success. I work in a competitive field and it always bothers me when I hear that a compeitor is bothering one of my clients. That means my competitor is persistent. I would rather have my clients say NOTHING about my competition than bad things.

      As Miller wrote last week, there are two stats that matter in recruiting. Your close ratio and your number of recruits. How many recruits you land in any given year will equal your closing ratio times your number of recruits. Accept this fact: Your close ratio will not change much from year to year. This year we had 12 recruits, we landed (at this point) 4. You want a class of 12 next year, recruit 36 people.

      I doubt that Olivet’s close ratio is higher than Kalamazoo’s. I doubt that Jake’s close ratio is higher than anyone elses. He recruits a HUGE number of people. He knows alot about almost every swimmer in the state. He talks with everyone. Don’t attribute their success to lying. Because then you will be missing the point.

      6 times out of 10 a guy will go to Kzoo over Olivet. Harden is one of the 4. Oh well. Make him a rallying cry. Buzzard will race him 8 times in the 50 and 100 at MIAA’s the next 4 years. Make sure he knows it is his responsibility to beat him 8 times.

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      Kind of reminds me of when Ondrej Pekawhatever (58 breast, 1:55ish IM)had a Heyl scholarship all lined up, but inexplicably chose to go swim at EMU. My favorite part about that is he was the same class as Kurtz. Ondrej was faster in high school, but Kurtz surpassed him in college.

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      Low Tide

      Yup – Losing to Eastern on a kid who could have come to K College for free (including books, everything) was pretty unbelievable. I’m sure it came down to he thought he was going to the Olympics and he could better accomplish that at a D1 school than a D3 school. There will always be kids like that.

      I would give Harden one final call and ask just that, “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what was it that made you choose a tier 4 school over a tier 1 school?” I am sure nothing will come of it, but sometimes it makes you feel better to hear the stupid answer, or at the very least let the future competition know their school sucks 🙂

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      An explanation might be found here. Just replace Arizona State with Olivet and Stanford with Kalamazoo.

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      It boils down to $35,800 vs, $23,098. No matter what financial aid package K can put together Olivet’s will always end up a lower number, way lower. If a recruit is seriously considering Olivet you ought to just drop him. Spend your time finding the ones that want to come here, 1) because they can actually get in (too many on the wait list = too many lost!), 2) because they value the higher level of education and 3) they can actually afford to. You ought to be concerned with why you lose guys to similar academic (and cost) schools like Denison, Kenyon, Case, even Hope and Albion, etc. Not Olivet and not Adrian when they rejoin the mix (same problem).

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