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      Any thoughts on who will be swimmer of the meet at conference?

      Favorites have to include Westby, Marschall, Hanson, Sky-Dave, Koch, Hagemeyer, Amundson, Stewart, etc. Anyone I’m missing?

      My early pick is Westby… if his shoulder holds up… and his various trips abroad didn’t hamper his stroke… and if Timmer’s transfer to GAC doesn’t go through.

      If Westby isn’t fully tapered though, he might lose out to Marschall in the 200 IM, and the much coveted swimmer of the meet honors.

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      Kari Byron

      Is this Deja Vu or have we all ready covered this, quite extensively in my opinion, in another post?

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      You mean the topic of swimming?

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      @Kari Byron wrote:

      Is this Deja Vu or have we all ready covered this, quite extensively in my opinion, in another post?

      We did last year for sure. Maybe at the beginning of the year?
      I think its a Three man race, between Westby, Hanson, and Marschall (Koch and Davis are the sleepers)

      I think it will be Westby. Hanson can win three again this year, but so will Westby, he has more hype coming into the meet as a result of his Nationals last year and in season swims this year and Hanson has won it two years in a row, making it harder for him this year. I said it last year, people like what is new and votes may go that way. He may swim faster, but unless he drops huge amounts of time, under 4:30 in the 500, under 15:40 in the mile, 1:40 range 200 (believe it or not that may not even be enough), Westby has the edge going into the meet.

      If Westby does not fully taper and does not win all three events, look for Hanson to be swimmer of the meet for a third year. Marshall could slip in there. If he upsets Westby in the 200 IM, repeats is the 400 IM, and wins the 200 breast he has a good chance if Hanson is upset in any of his races (he has more competetion then in previous years, the 500- Davis, Stewart; 200, Stewart, Koch; 1650- Davis).

      Koch and Davis have bigger Obstacles. Koch looks to be the favorite in the 50 and 100, but in the 50, with Hagemeyer and Amundson, it could be a crap shoot. Hard to tell who will take it and the SOTM will most likely need to win three, he also has to over come Hason, Stewart, and others in the 200 (last year I don’t think he was in the top 5). Unless he sets records in the 50 and 100, it will make it Hard to win without three wins.

      Davis will have to over come Hanson and Stewart in the 500. I don’t think he has the speed to win the 200, and has to over come Marshall if he swims the 400 IM (which I think he will). His best shot to win is the mile, but he still has to overcome Hanson who will be tough to beat come Conference.

      Hagemeyer and Amundson have a tough road. Either of them could win the 50 and 100, but have stiff competition between each other and with Koch. Amundson is quick in the 200, but is not mentioned as much as a potential winner in the 200 free. Hagemeyer has to overcome the two Olaf backstrokes who have been swimming well, and last years Conference Champion from St. John’s.

      If I was giving Odd I would say
      Westby 2-1
      Hanson 3-1
      Marshall 4-1
      Koch- 6-1
      Davis 6-1
      Hagemeyer 10-1
      Amundson 12-1

      But with everything that can be said. I say it is Ryan Beckman from Hameline. For no other reason then he is from Red Wing! (look what Hake did his Senior year, he won Nationals).

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      Westby is the best swimmer in the MIAC by far. Even with a semi-taper, he is a favorite.

      He will break the 200IM MIAC record even if he has a semi-tapor. He will also probably break the 100 breast record. 3 individual wins, 2 relay wins, 3 A cuts, 2 MIAC records.

      There are other great candidates, but if you have to pick one going into the meet, it’s Nelson Westby.

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      My money is on Westby also. I have a feeling he may not be rested much, but I still think he wins three events, and that should be good enough.

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      I didn’t realize Westby has already gone a 1:51 in the 200 IM this season. A bunch of Oles had season bests on Dec 12th… but on their site there is no meet that day. Did they all do an exhibition/time trial or something?

      Westby might have trouble with Wareham in the 100 Breast at conference if he doesn’t taper.

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      Never mind on the season bests… I guess that was the Carthage meet.

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      I look at Westby’s 1:51.0 in december and compare it to the 1:53.7 he went a year ago at that time, and I am just blown away. I would have to think we would see 1:49 out of him an nationals this year.

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      i think ted is the favorite for SOTM. last year, westby went around the same time at conference in the 2IM as he did at carthage. assuming that he will do the same this year, and he goes a 51 like he did at carthage, i think a tapered ted can beat him. i only say this figuring that ted has not tapered at all this year, so will be looking to drop AT LEAST one second from his 152 last year. with ted winning the 400 IM (by 15 yards or so), and winning the 2 breast, the SOTM will go to him.

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      The 400IM is no gimmy with Sky-Dave this year (assuming he swims it).

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      Kari Byron

      I also think that if Ted has another year like he did last year that he is top candidate for Swimmer of the Meet. He’s followed closely by Westby, then Hanson is behind him, with Amundson, Koch, and Hagemeyer slightly behind hanson but all on the same field. Like others have said, with the latter three all swimming primarily the same events (all of which are crapshoots), it’ll be hard for any one of them to take the honor.

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      I think Matt Stewart has a shot. He is swimming great this year and if he tapers as he did last year watch out.
      He already went 1:54 something in the 200 Fly, a strong B cut for Nationals and he hasn’t taper at all.
      I see him winning the 200 Fly and think he has a shot at the 500.If he ends up swimming the 100 fly as he did last year he will be fighting for a 2nd place.
      So unless someone wins 3 events he will be in the run

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      Kari Byron

      @splitmaster wrote:

      So unless someone wins 3 events he will be in the run

      With the caliber of people competing at MIACs this year it seems inevitable that someone will win 3 individual events. Swimmer of the meet goes to a triple event winner, barring any crazy record setting performances that defy human abilities.

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