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      Looks like the Ole men managed to pull it off. Great swims on both sides (notables: obviously Westby, Stewart, Amundson, Hagermeyer, Kukla, Wareham, Koch, Hanson) and tough competition. Add in Marshall, and you have a formidable MIAC showing at Nationals. Way to go, men.

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      Yeah I was really impressed with Stewart. He will be a factor in some races in weeks

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      Kari Byron

      Unlike the women’s side which was won by about 160 points if I remember right, the men’s title was decided by five points. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is ridiculous.

      Huge congrats to the Gustie men. They were down after day 2 and had the best session of swimming I’ve ever witnessed in my whole life.

      Amundson and Hagemeyer tying in their last Conference race ever, man you can’t script beauty like that.

      How about that 400 Free Relay? 3:02 something, that’s smokin’! I can’t think of many other teams in the nation that can bring a relay back in under 1:30. Amundson 44.98 and Hagemeyer 44.95 is just plain impressive. Great 4 years boys, it’s been a treat to watch.

      Pat on the back to the Ole men, you earned it.

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      @Kari Byron wrote:

      Amundson and Hagemeyer tying in their last Conference race ever, man you can’t script beauty like that.

      That was a beautiful momment. I couldn’t help but be happy for them, even though I was cheering for Koch.

      I was also proud and happy for the Ole men for sqeezing out a win. They had some guys really step it up. David Manley comes to mind with his impressive 3 top 5 finishes after being abroad first semester.

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      For the women, first year swimmers won 7 of the 13 events. Make that 9 out of 15 counting diving. Julia Rood was the only Senior to win an event. Bodes well for getting a better representation to Nats next year.

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      What a great meet!

      First of all, congrats to the Ole men, this was not a meet lost by GAC, they actually swam quite well, but a meet won by Olaf. I was very wrong on this and great job to all the Ole swimmers.

      Second of all, congrats to the Gustie women. The seniors won their 2nd title, with the rest winning their first. They swam very well throughout the weekend and won by much more than many of us thought.

      Third of all, congrats to the Gustie men and Ole women. The GAC men kept it very close and had an amazing third day while the Ole women were able to come in 2nd, in a meet many predicted they would be a distant 3rd in.

      Additionally, this was an awesome meet to watch. Day 1 we saw 3 Nation leading times! (500, 200 IM, 400 MR). Day 2 and 3 brought more fast times. The Ole men swam nation leading medley relay times in both distances and there is little doubt they can improve on both of those times in Houston. The Gustie men swam a nation leading relay as well in the 400 FR meaning 3 of the 5 men’s relays contested were the fastest in the country, wow.

      Great job to all involved and good luck at NCAAs. Hopefully more people than are even expected to right now find their name above the line.

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      the Todd

      On the men’s side only 1 first year won an event, Sky Davis in the mile. There were a lot of seniors placing high this year on the men’s side, especially in the sprint free and back.

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      lane 6er

      Five seniors in the top 8 of the 50, seems like that’s going to be a wide open event next year for people to try and make finals. However, distance is going to be unbelievably hard to place top 8 for quite some time since most people swimming the 500 and mile are coming back.

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