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      Here are final results:

      Impressive flys and breasts (4 guys 00 or faster for zoo) for kzoo, but some odd times also like a 23 split (what the heck happened?) and a 54 lead off by ellis??? Got a relay and 2 individuals into nationals though.

      Calvin men were very dissappointing to me though, i was expecting more.

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      ellis had to swim 35 yards before he the heat was stopped due to a false start
      dont judge without knowing what youre talking about.

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      I think that’s why he asked “what the heck happened?”…cool your jets Starsky…

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      Fall start in a medley relay? WTF?

      Anyhow, Kzoo 400 med agregate time is a B cut for those wondering…

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      Low Tide

      Kzoo — New 200 Medley Relay record (they smoked it). At eastern! Way to go!
      And a new school record in the 100 back for Ellis!

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      Just to throw it out there… Fonsy took his 50 out for the 400 Medley in 24.8 (yes, 24.8) which is faster than his split on the 200 Medley, and if he had split that for the 200, they’d be sitting in first. Something to hope for:

      Dekker, Greiner, and Fonsy had great meets, Fenwick’s breastroker were shocking, Kovacs appears to be back at it with a quick time that should drop and Kimball put himself up there for a few events as well.

      200 fly and 200 breast are very strong for K… Fenwick did time trial the 2fly on saturday, after everything was done (and he was likely very tired) and went 2:00.7.

      Freestyles weren’t as strong for K, hopefully they will be ready for MIAAs, which i have no doubt they will.

      Greiner’s goggles fell off in the 200 FR and therefore he split 23… if you give him the split from the end of the 2med, they are a 1:26, still dissappointing, but not bad compared to the rest of the MIAA right now.

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      I’m most impressed that Bocephus is in Nashville and Dallas at the same time. Now that’s fast!

      It’s too bad Kzoo couldn’t beat their 400 medley varsity record. Those four old fat married guys get to stay on the record board and relive their delusions for at least a little while longer…

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      I am waiting for a explanation for Six Bags lobbying for his Calvin 400 FR. 3:13, can you explain how a 47.6 individual swim earlier in the day leads off in 48.27? or how your stud freshman goes a 50.? Don’t worry you can borrow one of the nine guys from Hope that had better flat starts than Toll’s relay split. 3:13 isn’t going to get it done….my prediction Hope’s wheaton time will be faster than Calvin’s MIAA time. They were all to busy in aww of Becky Wiema apparently.

      I was impressed with Dekker this weekend. We knew that Ellis and Espinosa were going to have solid meets but Dekker’s 1:56 200 fly was pretty awesome for K fans. I am excited for league meet.

      It’s monday so there is your controversial biased post!

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      Yeah the MIAA swim of the week was the 24.8 from Fonzi in the medley relay. That is Josh Boss territory (NO I AM NOT COMPARING THE TWO).

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      Yeah I saw that, 24.8 anyway you slice it is fast. That guy will probably be 55 mid to high by the end of the year, but he has to put it up at nats in order to be the nat champ.

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      Holy crap. I didn’t know that the 24.8 was a first 50 split. That is really scary. He obviously has tons of potential.

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      That is just insanely fast, apparently he was trying to split a 54, but missed, by quite a bit. This is only mid year though, so who knows what he’ll do with a few more months of training under his belt… so was he or ellis more impressive? I think both have room for improvement but showed some good things.

      Like Stevo said, Dekker really impressed and he didn’t have a great emu last year, so it will be interesting to see if he makes those big improvements on these much faster times this year.

      Greiner’s 52 was pretty impressive, that heat of fly should be really quick this year with at least 1-2 fast times getting left out of the final.

      Julio was dissappointing, i was expecting more. Perhaps we’ll see it at MIAAs, i hope so anyway. The 500 is really weak right now though, with 2nd being a 4:53, although it will be quicker at MIAAs with an Olivet taper, but still, that race is open for points to be had, same with the 1650.

      Groth and Entwistle seemed quite a bit faster than at this time last year, hopefully a sign of the things to come. Booms also had at least 1 PR, but i saw he didn’t improve from EMU to MIAAs last year, maybe he can change that around this year.

      My surprise of the meet was Fenwick, the kid takes a year off to be a China-man and he comes back to do a 2:09? Wow, he told us at homecoming he was feeling good, but 2:09 really impressed me, there’s no telling what he could do with a full season under his belt. Kimball’s 2:01 2fly wasn’t too shabby either.

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      Low Tide

      I’ll go ahead and make a direct comparison to Boss. I bet our young Dominican-rolled breastroker turns out to be the fastest breastroke sprinter in D3 history (and he may even prove it this year).

      He may already be third-fastest, but here are the top times I have been able to come up with:

      Boss 24.45 finals (I can not find prelim splits)
      Cole 24.54 finals

      Boss 24.80; 24.78
      Cole 24.69

      Boss 24.57; 24.59

      Boss 24.96; 25.04

      Not sure if there are any other splits at this level.

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      Kurtz best ever 50 split was from the front end of a 400 medley. 1 year stud Luke Stearns split a 26.00 (Prelims at Nats 1998) on the front end of the 400 medley, but he false started so I guess that doesn’t count. This is actually a regular occurance for both the breat and fly splits. There is something to be learned there.

      Honestly, I would take a 25.00 everytime from Fonzi if it were guaranteed. Atleast for this year.

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      If you look at splits from guys like Linn and Hansen they were going out in the 24: mid to high range. I realize that’s from a flat start, but those guys were consistently going 53 and 52’s in their primes. This kid is really exciting.

      I am also not afraid to say that he could surpass Boss in the sprints. the 200 will be more of a challange.

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      No way this guy goes 1;58.9 in the 200. I also do not think he will go 54.6 in the 100 either. I think he could def be in the 55 mid range, but if you are going to go out there and go 54.6 or faster you have to be some kind of stud. Davis Zarins is probably the second best 200 breaststroker in history and he is over 2 seconds away from the record. These records are just really impressive.

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