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      Rece Davis

      Well guys, right now the stock on Olivet swimming is pretty high. Defending MIAA Champs but scoreless at Nationals last year. If you were going to act on Olivet stock right now, would you buy or sell?

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      Rece I will buy right now and I’ll tell you why. Dave Stubbs. Anything this man touches turns to gold right now. Look at what he’s done with next to no resources. The school isn’t as strong academically as some of those he recruits against, his facility is among the worst in the league, the location of the college is less than attractive to most and yet the man continues to bring recruits to campus and then he makes them better. Olivet may not win the MIAA Championship this year and if they don’t it isn’t necessarily a disappointment, they will have a better team this year than they did last year. AND unlike last year, they will score at Nationals. I will continue to buy Olivet stock as long as Stubbs is in place. They have improved every year he has been there, I see no reason the same will not hold true this year as well.

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      Lee Corso

      Rece you bring up an interesting point. The question is, is that stock high or low right now. If people are saying they are in jeopardy of losing to K or Calvin and won’t keep their title because they don’t have this or that, then I want to buy. If we’re talking about those who say they are going to win again and their depth will overtake the MIAA, then I went to sell… Plain and simple, this will be an Olivet team that is better, but does more of the same, and honey, that ain’t good enough anymore. They’ll do better than the doubters think but not as good as those optomists believe.

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