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      this is on the general forum but for those who dont check it, you might want to read this… personally, and im sure i speak for the majority, i think its a load of crap and they better change it.

      it is basically saying there is a new rule in the NCAA saying that acollege athletes may not compete directly against high school potential prospects in the same heat, flight or pairing. this will be talked about in the upcoming coaches meeting for Womens DI and DIII nationals this week.

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      this is certainly not something I can just take on my knees…its just too much to digest

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      Miles Brand is a dick.

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      @Chapel Partner wrote:

      Miles Brand is a dick.

      Myles Brand has actually suggested that the NCAA try sport specific rules for things like this – I think HE knows that not all sports are like basketball – but he clearly has a bunch of dicks working beneath him.

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      I think we’re getting Tobias excited.

      Either way, when something goes wrong, I blame the guy in charge. If he cared that much, he should change the rule… maybe he will. I don’t know NCAA parliamentary procedure, but I’d think the prez has some pull.

      Swimming is not a revenue generator for the NCAA, so he probably could care less about it.

      So I stand by my assertion that he is a dick.

      Mac, I’ve missed your irreverent posts.

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      Is Myles Brand still the AD at indiana?

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      Chris Knight

      He wasn’t the AD, he was the President. And no, he resigned there to take the NCAA post.

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