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      PioneerSwimming (and anyone else who may have run it), how did Boston go? That girl on my team was the 3rd American finisher, 10th overall! How’d the weather treat you?

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      The entire weekend surrounding the race was memorable. Though I am pretty sore right now, the emotional satisfaction of doing it trumps the soreness by a factor of 100. I’m really thrilled to have been a part of it.

      I had a decent time in the race itself, not my best, but good considering the weather and my training. I ran it in 3:22:14, and I actually negative split it by 20 seconds or so, meaning I was very consistent in my mile splits. I didn’t have much volume this year: I did my first long run as a 90 minute run down A1A on January 1st of this year, while my swimmers were taking the morning off in the hotel during training trip in Boca Raton.

      The weather the whole weekend preceeding the marathon was a disaster, but probably moreso because I stayed with a friend in Western MA where the conditions were worse. I actually stayed in Williamstown. I should have called Steve Kuster to say hello, but it was snowy and sleety all weekend. I thought I’d never be able to get out: the mountain roads looked like ice rinks.

      On race day, I awoke at 4:30 and had my friends drive me to the start in Hopkinton. It was pouring and windy the whole way. Miserable. I got dropped off at the starting area by a shuttle bus, and had to walk about 1/2 mile to the bag-drop area in pouring rain, driving wind and 40 degrees. I wore an old pair of dog-walking shoes (that once had actually been a marathon pair of shoes), lots of fleece, and a disposable poncho. I stood around for about 45 minutes (no dry place to sit), eating a powerbar, drinking cans of espresso drinks and trying not to be soaked. Near the start line, I ditched my warm clothes and old shoes and put on my racing pair and clean sox, which had been hidden in a bag under my poncho.

      When the race started, it still was raining pretty hard, but it tapered off. I didn’t notice the wind, but it was certainly there. I noticed that I was passed by literally hundreds of people in the first few miles. Most of them came back to me, and I finished pretty strong. There were fast-breakers that were cramping in the last several miles, and I just kept plowing ahead. I was pretty scared that my hamstrings were going to go, but I kept at it. I didn’t actually think Heartbreak Hill was all that bad: there’s plenty worse where I used to live in Maryland and here in Lexington. I felt strong at the end, but didn’t redline it because I wanted to walk away from it. In the end, I was somewhat content with my time: I guess I just have to realize that I am not really that great a runner. On the other hand, the race atmosphere itself was incredible, and I’d love to do it again. I have to requalify, however. I may start focusing (again) on swimming: the FINA World Master’s meet is in Perth, Australia in April, 2008. I swam Worlds this past summer in Palo Alto, and that was a blast.

      I just got out of the pool in fact. The legs felt horrible, and I could hardly push off the walls or kick. I still ended up swimming about 3500 in 55 minutes or so, just going easy.

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