boss vs. gorton

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      both were pretty dang good, but who was better when competing in the miaa (so we can take peel out of the equation)? boss definitely added a lot because of his impact on relays, but lets say there aren’t any relays and that divers do in fact count as a whole person. i don’t really remember what boss did as his 3rd event? i know gorton could throw down a sick 50 free for a diver

      both had 2 ncaa records, boss still holds both of his.

      i think boss is going to take this one because he swept the 200 breast in his 4 years, but i also consider breaststroke have perenially been one of the slower events at ncaas, so it just might have been easier. but i’m not too diving saavy either so what do you have to say?

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