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      Of the top 5 teams at Nationals last year:

      Place Team Name Points
      1 Kenyon College 498

      2 Denison University 345

      3 Emory University 310

      4 Johns Hopkins University 303

      5 Williams College 295

      Who do you think had the top recruiting class the year?

      Debate away…

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      N Dynamite

      revisiting Kenyon’s freshmen, specifically the foreigners, I still think I am going to need to see more before I make a judgement. Withington had a pretty good relay meet (presumably) swimming on the A relays. Lazarus was on at least one G relay, which leads me to believe he isn’t stacking up very well on his own team right now, in other words, no NCAA impact come March. Denison looked very solid and their freshmen seemed to make a decent impact. Hopkins looks great right now (by the way, Test is blazing fast already – the Courage/Test match up in Houston is going to be a sight to behold). Emory’s freshmen are decent, but I don’t believe as good as Denison’s. Do we have anything concrete on Williams yet?

      My early vote – Denison. However, I think it’s a little early to make a definitive choice since the season is so young.

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      i saw the official results on the kenyon website before they took the splits down and i jotted it down. specifically freshman: withington lead of 54.9 100IM (is anyone paying attention…he’s for real, he was in 4/5 winning relays), lazarus 28.0 br (not bad), and they might have found a backstroker, hueguenard was sub 24 (he must just be a giant), borland 4:46 500 free (sick, and only 10 off his best already!! i can’t wait to see his mile), gottinger 4:55 500 free and 1:17 150 free (maybe more of a sprinter than we thought 100 free??) …truely no one is deeper than kenyon in distance this year. from my tally they have at least 8 guys under 4:40 in the 500 and i bet 3 could be under 4:30 this year: dunn obviously, rantz (4:31) and borland/gottinger.

      with that representation no one compares to the kenyon ’10 men right now. this is an impressive class no doubt. and it hurts me to say that because i graduated from denison. can’t wait till denison vs. kenyon this week!!

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      @Anonymous wrote:

      with that representation no one compares to the kenyon ’10 men right now. this is an impressive class no doubt. and it hurts me to say that because i graduated from denison. can’t wait till denison vs. kenyon this week!!

      Borland looked real good…and 1/2 finish in the mile is not of the question..Withington will score in the IM…and they’ve improved an atypically weak 800 free relay. HOWEVER, they did not plug the biggest holes namely free sprinters and backstroke. Unless of course, Kenyon can turn straw into gold once gain. The meet with Denison men should be close.

      On the women’s side, on paper, they appear strongest in a very, very long time. Ertel is for real and has an extraoridnary stroke. She makes the possiblity of a Kenyon relay sweep a real possiblity with 50/1:50/54 high in the free/fly. Also the freshman backstroker fills a hole and they’ve added even more depth to middle distance free. They should beat Denison by significant margin.

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      I looked all the times up on’s time search data base. With the distance free’s, it is obvious that Kenyon picked up the most dominating of this past recruiting year. They aren’t as strong in the strokes/medleys. Rumor has it that their two foreign guys are quick (Blair Withington: 1:08.6 100 M Breast, 54.3 100M Free, 2:09.7 200 M IM, 30.54 50 m breast and Lazarus: 1:07.46 100 M breast, 2:26.0 200M Breast, 2:15.2 200M IM), but i have a feeling it SCM and not LCM (which was what i was lead to believe).

      However, I agree that Kenyon has the best class. I have a hard time believing that Denison’s recruiting class ranks higher than JH or even Emory. JH picked up 11 freshmen, couple freestylers sub 22, 48, more sub 24, 50. Also, 51 flier and 100.2 breaststroker. I feel that their recruiting, like Kenyon, carried freestylers, however, subpar in comparison to Kenyon. I couldnt find half of their class, but I still think they are the strongest.

      I think Emory definitely picked up the most diverse class out of them all. They have a few freestylers who can put up a fight to the sprint freestylers of John Hopkins and them some. They definitely carry a lot of depth there, but they didn’t pick up anyone who can compare to the distance studs at Kenyon. They picked up Versatile swimmers, many who are sub 53.5 in the 100fly, 54 in the 100back and a 57 breaststroker. On paper, it looks like Emory picked up the better stroke and IM swimmers.

      In all, I feel that the Denison swim team fell a little short to the opinions posted. They got swimmers who can give a race to swimmers from Kenyon, Emory and JH, but it looks likes all three schools are just a little stronger. My list goes as such: Kenyon (picking up the most swimmers who should make top 8 at nationals), Emory (having enough variety to become a threat –watch out for that medley relay), JH (taking kids who look like they now how to sprint –strong feeling for their 2free, but more for the 4free relay) and then Denison (picking up stronger all around swimmers, with definite room to improve).

      **note: i couldnt find everyones times, especially for Kenyon. My opinion is based on the roster online and that data base mentioned above.

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      I think the quality of these recruiting classes is somewhat difficult to judge right now. A good indication of how good these swimmers actually are is how well they swim at midseason taper meets. Because there are many variables in training, it is hard to look at duel meet/in season times and come up w/conclusions based on them. That being said, I think that all of the teams mentioned have recruited solidly based on their times coming in. Kenyon has some studs in events that they were already pretty stacked in, although Withington is a huge boost with the loss of Duda and Brennion. Emory, I believe, also picked up swimmers in areas they were already strong in (Breast and IM). Denison and Hopkins have well-rounded classes who could make a difference at the end of the year.

      So we have a semi-concise version of the recruiting classes:


      Kegan Borland – 1:43, 4:38, 15:46, 1:54 2fly

      Caleb Gottinger – 22.3, 47.7, 1:42.7, 4:34, 16:09

      Douglas Huguenard – 54.3 1back, 51.6 fly, 1:56 2fly

      Jacob Shanley – 55 back

      Matthew Yates – 21.5, 47.7

      Blair Withington-1:08.6 100 M Breast, 54.3 100M Free, 2:09.7 200 M IM 30.54 50 m breast

      Lazarus: 1:07.46 100 M breast, 2:26.0 200M Breast, 2:15.2 200M IM (some debate over whether this is lcm or scm)


      Kevin Yamada: 22.7, 48.3, 1:46.0
      53.3, 1:54.0 BK
      57.9, 2:07.4 Br
      52.7, 1:54.3 Fly
      1:53.5, 4:09 IM

      Brad Sloan: 22.1, 49.3

      Neil Ringer: 4:55, 9:59
      54.6, 1:54.6 bk….2:11 LCM 1:56 fly
      1:58, 4:10 IM

      John Petroff
      50.8, 1:52.1 fly…57.5 LCM
      1:57 IM

      Ken Minturn: 1:43.3, 4:40
      54.9, 1:58 bk
      53 fly
      1:57 IM

      Tom DiMarco: 22.3, 47.0, 1:45.0,
      53.3 fly
      1:54.6 IM

      Jason Cross: 22.5, 48.0, 1:46.0
      2:02 fly

      Billy Anderson:
      53.6, 1:59 2 fly

      Johns Hopkins:

      Chris Whelan: 22.9, 49.9

      John Thomas: 22.5, 47.1, 51.2(back), 1:59.1(back)

      Todd Spock: 1:01(Breast), 2:13, 1:57(IM), 4:17

      Spiros Moisiades: 21.9, 47.7, 51.3(fly), 1:56.6(fly), 1:57.3(IM)

      Neil Mahoney: 21.8, 47.3, 1:46.2, 52.4(back), 1:00.7(breast)

      AJ Blood: 22.2, 48.0, 1:46.6


      Bryce Axelrad- 1:02.5 (breast)

      Andy Brabson- 1:00.2(breast), 2:09.03, 1:57.4(IM), 4:08.7, 1:08.6 lcm, 2:27.8 lcm, 2:15.1 lcm, 4:43.0 lcm

      Casey Browning- 1:44.6, 4:41.7, 9:53.4, 54.4(fly)

      Andy Catlin- 49.2, 1:48.0, 54.5(back), 1:59.1(back)

      Eric Elligott- 22.7, 47.2, 1:47.2, 54.9 lcm

      Marcus Geer- 1:00.3(breast), 2:13.5

      Ben Gillette- 1:02.5(breast), 1:10.5 lcm

      Pat Kirsch- 53.9(back), 1:56.6(IM)

      Ed Kowal- 1:47.1, 4:45.0, 9:50.0, 1:58.3(fly), 1:59.2(IM), 4:16.8

      Rob Steele- 1:42.8, 4:45.9, 52.4(fly)

      Matthew Wright- 22.7, 48.1, 1:44.0, 52.8(fly), 1:57.1, 1:00.6 (fly) lcm, 2:11.26 lcm

      Like I said we’ll have to wait and see…

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      OK, so looking at that list I need some clarification. How do you classify the best recruiting class? Is it the most talented as a stand alone group of athletes or the group that best compliments the needs of the team that returned from the previous year?

      As their own team it looks asa if Kenyon’s freshmen would do the most damage at NCAA’s coming in. However, while they added depth to distance and breast, I don’t see the standout sprinter that they need to stay at the top of the sprint relays. They didn’t have anyone score in the 50, 100, or 200 frees and I don’t see anyone on the list who changes that. How many distance guys do you need? Some of these guys that could score at NCAAs will be sitting in Gambier watching the results online.

      Emory lost Hake but brings in Petroff. That’s a huge pick up for them and more important than fast distance guys for Kenyon. Their group wouldn’t do as well on their own at NCAA’s, but they filled their biggest hole.

      Hopkins lost their top flyer and breaststroker. Did they replace them? In time, but the freshman are not quite there yet. Maybe by the end of the year, so you have to withhold judgment. Not that you have to replace with freshmen, but if you add quality guys in events where you lost quality guys you’re doing well. So in general, good class.

      Denison probably fits the same mold as Hopkins – they had a couple of holes created with graduation but it appears that in time they may be filled. They graduated a top sprinter – Steele looks like he can fill that spot. They graduated their top breaststroker – that will be tougher to fill with the guys they brought in, but when you bring in that many breaststrokers at that speed there’s a lot of competition, and that competition could lead to great times. Beyond that, their guys are diverse, adding depth across the board.

      So, depending on how you view “the best recruiting class” you can make an argument for or against Kenyon. However, I think it’s way too early to say who did the best, but I also think that given the needs coming into the season, Kenyon may have fallen short.

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      Just because I’m a JHU homer and want to give them some much needed and rarely given pub, I wanted to point out that some of the times you have listed for the JHU frosh as best times are no longer. Mahoney has been 1:45 this year already, he was listed above at 1:46. Blood went 22.1 and 53.19(fly) last weekend and Spock turned in a 1:00 Br swim last week as well.

      Just wanted to give some love to my boys where its due and say the JHU class this year should be real solid and definately deserve to be near the top of the recruiting classes this year.

      Kenyon has some really solid guys that I am sure they will make better, but I dont see alot of speed in there for a team that needed some help in the relays with Duda gone. I’m sure they will suprise us though.

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      Anyone care to discuss the freshmen women?

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      N Dynamite

      If you start a new thread you might get some response

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      @Guest wrote:

      Anyone care to discuss the freshmen women?

      Here’s my early take on the FY women:

      Psaris of Emory, Ertl of Kenyon and Hawk of Wash U appear to be the real deal. What makes this interesting is that all three are strong in the fly. I suspect that the national record for the 200 fly will go below 1:58 by the end of the season.

      The NESCAC teams just started practice today. In my digging around the NESCAC, I don’t see a potential national champ among the FY swimmers on any of the rosters that have been posted. Someone gave me a list of the Amherst women rookies. I checked them out as well as the FY’s on the posted Williams’ roster. Among the new women, each team picked up three or so “National B-cut” swimmers. I have not seen Middlebury’s new roster.

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