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      the Todd

      i have swam in tons of pools across the state and would like to see some input on where the best pool in the state is. clearly the U has the best pool(maybe top 3 in nation), but which is 2nd? some of my personal favorites are Gustavus, Rochester, Sauk Rapids, Hutchinson, and Simley aka the Grove. all of these pools are fast and fun to swim in. discuss.

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      St. Thomas.

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      Hutchinson? Did they build a new pool, or is the Todd actually Reid Foster?

      I always liked swimming conference at St. Johns. Good size stands, got pretty loud, and it felt like the fans were right on top of you.

      Plus they have a naked pull-up bar in the locker-room.

      I heard a rumor that St. Thomas was adding a 6th lane and timing pads… could move that pool into the top 50.

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      @Chapel Partner wrote:

      I always liked swimming conference at St. Johns. Good size stands, got pretty loud, and it felt like the fans were right on top of you.

      Because the fans WERE right on top of you.

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      Deep Water

      Yes, Hutchinson built a new pool a few years ago. It’s nice but the seating is a little strange. The top two have to be UofM then Rochester. Another nice pool is Wilmar. 8 Lanes separate diving well and lots of deck space. Does anyone build a 6 lane pool anymore?

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      the Todd

      Willmar? i guess we will have to agree to disagree on that one. not a very fast pool and it is one the pools that doesnt use chlorine but one of the other substitutes, personally i prefer chlorine.

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      I have to say that I’m not a big fan of the Gustavus pool. I have good memories of that pool from my younger days, now my perception is that of a perenially dark pit that while large is a dreary place to swim. That said, at least they have more than six lanes (not that it matters for dual meets).

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      I think the GAC pool is great for practice, but pretty keyboard for meets. The stands are tiny and spread out. Also, there isn’t a ton of deck space. And why is the record board hid away? I’ve always said that when I make millions on the internet, I’ll donate a record board for the pool.

      But what the GAC pool lacks in stands, record board, and deck space, it makes up for with a hot tub.

      My ranking of pools in the MIAC:
      1. SJU – best atmosphere, naked pull-up bar
      2. St. Kate’s – hot tub, good stands, 8 lanes, but no guys pool records
      3. GAC – 10 lanes, hot tub
      4. St. Mary’s – heated deck
      5. Olaf – lots of wood, feels like a log cabin
      6. Carleton – lots of sci-fi stuff
      7. Hamline – pretty dreary, feels like swimming in a bomb shelter
      8. St. Thomas – 5 lanes, sometimes smells like a bus garage
      9. Macalester – was the wrong length… but they tore it down to build a new one (link below… should be pretty bucket… if the floor plans are correct it will be 10 lanes).

      Click to access 100106.firstfloor.pdf

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      That’s great about Macalester building the new pool. If it is 10 lanes will it be 25 yards x 25 meters? Does anyone know?

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      The Rec Center in Rochester is definatly a great pool and a great facility. the 16 feet of water definatly produces some very fast swims. Also Austin at Ellis Middle School, 8 lanes, seperate diving well, and the water always seems the perfect temperature (very cold). Albert Lea’s pool in their new high school is also very nice, as well as spacious.

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      @Its all an ACT wrote:

      That’s great about Macalester building the new pool. If it is 10 lanes will it be 25 yards x 25 meters? Does anyone know?

      Some chick who teaches at Mac told me it would be in yards, but I wouldn’t list her as an authority. And nobody from Mac ever checks this site (Jared Rudolf where are you!?!). I’ll ask Kofi Anan next time I see him.

      I’d assume it will be like GAC 25 yards x 25 meters*, but more alternative.

      *GAC is 25 yards X 25 meters, right?

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      Kari Byron

      @Chapel Partner wrote:

      GAC is 25 yards X 25 meters, right?


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      I think Rochester has the fastest 25 yard pool in the state. It’s 25 feet deep on one end, and 9 on the other. The bulkhead completely eats the wake on turns.

      Worst pool in the MIAC has to go to St. Catherines. How could anyone build a brand new pool with a shallow end of 3′ 6”? Slow. Slow. Slow. I remember swimming the finals of the 50 and pretty much almost drowning on the turn.

      Favorite pool for old time sake is Cook Hall at the UofM. It’s the XCel Energy Center of forgotten pools. The entire crowd sits on top of the pool.

      Best 50M outdoor pool in the state is the Winona Aquatic Centre. You can’t argue with a zero depth area, water mushroom, and 50′ slide.

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      Some of the most amazing swim performances I’ve ever seen occured at the Beacon Basin in St. Paul. It’s only 4 lanes, narrowly beat out by St. Thomas, but the times are incredible.
      It has been shut down for over a year now while they clear the filters of broken wine bottles, used condoms and about 50 people’s Dignity that was left there over the years.
      It was a 24/7/365 outdoor, public access pool with a 10 drink minimum and you could always find a nice “event” going on. Anyone else had the pleasure of racing there. I’m pretty sure Chapel Partner lost his virginity there.

      As for Macalaster’s new pool. It will for sure be 25Y X 25M , 8lanes X 10lanes and will have a strict policy of NO CAPRI’S.

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