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      I swam a workout in the new Kenyon Athletic Center on Friday, 21st July. I have to say that in my experience as a D-III swimmer and coach, that this facility is THE BEST in D-III. BY FAR. It almost feels like it should be at Georgia or Auburn or someplace. Truly amazing. I’ve swum at Emory, Chicago, Williams and UCSD, and have seen Franklin and Marshall. The Kenyon pool itself is one tank, 51.8m x 25 yards with a 1.8m wide bulkhead. The normal set-up is for 10 SCY lanes across the pool like at Emory or Chicago. The rest of the SCY lanes are on the other side of the bulkhead. The diving section is on the turn side of the pool, with 1 x 1m and 1 x 3m boards. The SCy section is a minimum of 10 feet deep. The diving section is 13 feet, and it slopes up immediately to a 4 foot shallow section 2 lanes wide. There is a hot-tub and a full-matrix scoreboard, and each block has relay judging platforms.

      In the water, it feels fast.


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      middlebury has a really nice pool. it’s just a shame that they hardly ever host nescacs or any other meets since there is practically no where to stay in the area. i love it, but i might be home-state biased.

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      You forgot to put Kalamazoo College on the list. We have windows.

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      lane 6er

      Anyone have pictures or links for those of us who haven’t seen all of these pools?

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      I gotta say emory’s facility is pretty sweet

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      I haven’t been to any of those out east pools, but Pomona’s pool isn’t even the nicest in SCIACS so I’m not sure where that is coming from…

      rough sciac facilities rankings for swimming IMHO:
      1. CMS
      2. Redlands
      3. Pomona-Pitzer
      4. La Verne
      5T. Whittier
      5T. Cal Tech
      7. Occidental
      – Cal Lu (no pool of their own yet…Oaks Christian HS’s pool is very nice though)

Viewing 5 reply threads
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