Another last-minute pick-up for K!

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      Well, it seems another star swimmer has fallen into the lap of the Kalamazoo swim team! On top of K picking up last minute recruit Paul Ellis, rumor has it that K has added ANOTHER stellar swimmer! His name is Harold Rockwell and he is the local garbage man in Des Moines, Iowa. The biggest surprise is that he is 73 years young and goes a 16:32 in the mile! He started swimming masters 5 years ago when he was 68 because he suffered a mild heart attack . It seems like he just keeps getting better and better with age!

      However, Harold is not alone…The last garbage man-turned athlete was the “Garbage-picking-field goal kicking-hiladelphia phenomenon.” The real question is if Harold has what it takes to live up to Tony Danza…only time will tell!

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