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      The NCAA, known for making decisions blind to any rationality, has endorsed a rule that would ban college athletes swimming in the same meets as high school athletes. This is not even in terms of direct dual meet competition, but summer invitationals in USA swimming and the like. Just another myopic decision made by the dolts running the NCAA. It seems like every rule they make is based on activity in DI basketball, and then they broadly apply that to all sports.

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      sorry, i’m in the middle of midterm studying, and i don’t have time to read the rule.

      does anyone know if this applies to competition out side of the college season?

      if i go to some random longcourse meet to get my ultraswim cuts will i have to exibition my event?

      if so that would suck.

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      Right now the rule would ban any NCAA athlete from swimming in the same heats as high school aged athletes (possible recruits) The NCAA has postponed the enactment of this rule until after spring Nationals. At this point I am not sure as to whether it will apply to summer meets, and exactly how it affects the D3 swimmer – but this is a major issue. Consider this – you achieve a cut time for the new Short Course Championships (former US Open) – your coach wants to take you (during your college season) the meet would have to be seeded for college athletes and above and HS athletes and below….. I understand the intended rationale behind this rule, but I don’t think that the NCAA was very clear in how it would affect swimming in general, or perhaps other olympic sports.

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      Note that representatives from NCAA will explain how the rule will be applied this coming weekend to coaches at the Div I and Div III nationals.

      As noted in many places, the strict reading of the rule will ban college swimmers from participating in most USA meets with the possible exception of Nationals, Pan Pacs, World University Games and Olympics.

      Phil Witten is fighting the good fight on behalf of the coaches since if applied within the strictest meaning of the rule it would seriously impair a number of Olympic sport most specifically the big two, track and swimming.

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      i still don’t get the rationale at all, but damn, this really could alter swimming in a very bad way

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      does anyone know the problem that this rule addresses in other sports?Does the NCAA not want D I basketball players getting too close to recruits in AAU or something?

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      That’s the “rationale”…that contact at that level provides unwanted contact.
      As you can plainly see this rule was developed by someone who knows noting about swimming or track for that matter.

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