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      14 people have the B cut in the 50. 9 have been sub 21 so far. Looks like it will take a 20. again

      15 people have the B cut in the 100. 24 people have broken 47 and therefore have a very good shot at still getting the B cut (maybe more).

      17 people have B cuts in the 200, but this is an event where people might not swim it. That being said, the depth behind those 17 is very impressive into the 30’s.

      The 500 has only 16 B cuts. The B cut in the 500 isn’t that impressive so this seemed low to me. 12 of these go to Emory or Kenyon and only 5 teams are represented with a swimmer having a B cut.

      15 B cuts in the 1650 which is fewer than I would have thought, but that’s because there are 5 A cuts, it will probably take at least the 16:04.99 Rantz has already put up.

      100 back has only 13 B cuts,. This surprises no one, but sadly only 5 guys have broken 52, ouch.

      I predicted the 200 back to be the weakest event and right now it only has 12 B cuts, so I’m looking correct. Here is what’s even more sad, there are only 16 people who have broken 1:56! I would have been 12th at midseason my senior year, but that year, I was around 18th to 20th.

      100 Breast is messed up to read but has 18 B cuts. The number of people under a minute is high though so the cut should drop come conference time.

      200 Breast has 14 B cuts, meaning it is a weak event also. The odd thing is that it really spreads out after Gensler and after the B cut, only 2 more people have broken 2:10.

      18 B cuts is the most we’ve seen so far and it’s for the 100 fly; 18 is impressive but only 1 has an A cut (Gross) so it’s a cluster mess. Some of them will not swim it would be my guess, based on who I see listed.

      18 is nothing compared to the 22 B cuts in the 200 fly, wow. The B cut is kind of slow (1:55.0), but still, that is just crazy. If there were cuts today, 18th is 1:53.9 and a 1:53.86 qualified in 2006. Tip: If you can choose between the 200 fly and 200 back and want to make nationals… you know what to do.

      13 B cuts in the IM, which doesn’t make sense to me at all. It ties the 100 backstroke for 2nd fewest B cuts. 7 of those 13 are from Emory, which is utterly impressive.

      20 B cuts (2nd most) are already posted in the 400 IM. That is pretty impressive. 10 of those come from Emory or Kenyon and Denison adds 3 more. Must mean the 4IM is what the best teams are great at.

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      lane 6er

      What 9 people have broken 20.00 in the 50 free?

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      Maybe someday in d3, not yet. 9 people are sub 20.99. Check the top times drag down lists, they are a very cool feature.

      Silentp, thanks for the breakdown, always interesting to see which are the hot events each year. It shows that for the last few swimmers taken a little luck is always involved.

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      Yeah it seemed like the 200 back was the weak event last year. But just like every year there will be some top end studs in that race. Thomas for one

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