All these new coaches! What will it mean in 3 years?

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      The NCAC coaching world continues to change with Allegany’s announcement ( of a new coach. First of all, Welcome to Coach Linder, and good luck in the coming years. The same of course to Coach Weitz, whose coming was announced in a previous thread (

      Conference Powerhouses are not unusual in any sport, but I don’t think there many other conferences quite like NCAC swimming. Every year Kenyon is expected to win, every year Denison is expected to make a fight of it, but then the “every year” expectations end. Allegany, Wooster, and Ohio Wesleyan, have all had recent (well, maybe not to recent, but with in the career of the current or past coaches) top 10 finishes at Nationals.

      I’m just wondering, what will the effect of all the new coaching blood be on the fight for 3rd-5th? There are of course a couple old hands still fighting it out (Groselle of Hiram and OWU’s Hawes have both been with their programs for 17 years), but between Wooster, Oberlin, Allegeny, Wabash, and Wittenberg, only Wooster’s Harrington has recruited his entire roster as a Head Coach.

      It seems to me that any one of the new people has a reasonable chance to fight their way into the third spot in 3 years time, and considering the recent recruiting coup out of Hiram, they have to be thrown into consideration. In three years, once the new coaches have established themselves, who will be taking 3rd?

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      With what has been billed the best recruiting class in Wabash’s history, I do beleive that they will remain in 3rd for at least the next several years… That would put them there since 2004 – a nice little run that could yeild a top 20 team at Nationals. Weitz is a stud too, they’re gonna get faster…

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      Wabash has a solid up-and-coming program. Obviously the school has a LOT that has happened there this year, so it will be interesting to see how everyone reacts. So far, I would call it as good a reaction as possible.

      It would be nice to see them send some people to Nationals, and also interesting to follow the career of coach Casares at Bates. From the looks of things, he should improve their program considerably.

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