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      So I was thinking, could this be a year when you need to A-cut this relay in order to qualify it? And could more teams A-cut the 800 as to limit the number of relay onlys that are taken in other relays? As of now, to my knowledge, only

      1) Denison
      2) Hopkins
      3) Wash U.

      …have done it, but I would think that before the cuts come out in February,

      4) Kenyon (by add up or swim)
      5) Emory (by add up or swim)
      6) W&L
      7) Williams

      at a minimum A cut this thing.

      That only leaves a few more spaces for perhaps some other Nescac teams or maybe a St. Olaf or Gustavus. What do people think?

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      Gustavus did a 7:01.22 last week without their best 200 swimmer on it…Matt Stewart: tapered 1:39.21 open last season (2nd overall).

      Assuming they put Stewart on the relay, and everyone tapers for conference, I think they could go under 6:47. (Caesar’s Palace odds have the O/U at 6:47.05).

      They were a 6:47 last year at nationals I think, and this year are probably better with one or both of the “Dave” bros on the relay.

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      @iswimalottayards wrote:

      So I was thinking, could this be a year when you need to A-cut this relay in order to qualify it?

      FYI this has happened before. In 1997 you needed an A cut to make the 200 medley relay.

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      2005 Women’s meet had 14 teams meet the A cut the 200 Medley.
      It’s not out of the question for a-cut relays only.

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      The point of my post was not…has this ever happened before, but, how does it affect other teams who may hope to get people to the meet via other relays that may not qualify because of a possible glut of 800 free relays that are A cuts. I know this depends on how many relay-onlys are on those 800’s, but when I was swimming, we had 2 on ours and still A cut the thing.

      So which teams will get hurt by this come March if in deed it does happen?

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