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      I see a few interesting 400 Medley Relay Splits.

      Ellis (50.72) and Heyboer (52.33) had nice times, but nothing that will affect the expected results tomorrow.

      King showed up with a nice 59.14. I would say that puts him in contention for a top 6 finish tomorrow.
      Meisner put down a smoking 55.94. I hope Espinosa (56.31) can respond tomorrow night.
      An unlikely battle of distance swimmers sees Conrad avenge his earlier defeat in the 500 by Krone, 1:01.28 to 1:02.95. We’ll see if Krone can respond when they face off again in the 1650 on Saturday (or the 200 Medley breast leg tomorrow?).

      Dekker (50.49), Boumgarden (50.67), and Nelis (50.69) should make for an incredible 100 fly tomorrow.
      Takahashi (52.08 ) is a little off his pace from last year (51.15). I think he’ll have to go faster to make the top six, and the top twelve could even be in doubt.

      Rose puts down a 45.17, Wow! I didn’t think a 45 (open) was in the cards this year, but it looks like a real possibility now.
      47.16 looks like a nice split for Dmitruk. He probably should make the top twelve on Saturday.

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