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      Swim Dad

      Does anyone know what is going on at North Central College with their Fourth Coach in Four Years? Mark Broucek has been named the Coach but what happened to Sara O’fallon? I thought she did a great job with the team she was given.

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      Mark is an INCREDIBLE hire for NCC and the kind of guy that could build the program. He’s had great sucess in the Chicago area and I think they could be a top 3 program in the CCIW in no time. He’ll have to adjust to the differences in resources and facilities but his reputation amongst Chicago coaches will help make recruiting easier and maybe keep a few Naperville kids in the area.

      This is the stability that NCC has been looking for

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      Sara did a great job last year, but she decided to pursue a different career.

      Like Psimon said, hiring Mark was an excellent move and I’m excited to see what he can do.

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      Swim Dad

      I am glad to hear that Sara is doing fine with her Career change, she did a super job last year. I know that Mark is a good Coach and will do great but with a limited facility and few returning swimmers he will have a ways to go to get NCC back to respectability. Coach Ryan did such a great job for over 28 years and I would like to see it happen again there.

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      Yes it has been an ongoing revolving door at NCC, since the great Coach Ryan left, I do not know much about this new guy, but I have heard some good things. I 100% agree that Sara did a dynamite job last year, anytime you coach a national champion and you are as young as she was you are really accomplishing something. I wish her nothing but the best.

      Attempting to replace a guy like Coach Ryan is a very dificult thing to do, and in some cases maybe impossible. Along with Jon Lederhouse these two guys have coached more all americans than I can even count. We are talking about a guy who was the 1990 Ncaa D3 coach of the year. NCC got 7th place in 1990 with only four guys scoring. I speak from experience when I tell you just how great of a man he is. I saw him take several athletes from the gutter to the mountain top in just over a year. Megan Sander in 2001-2002, Molly Foote 2001-2002 for examples. He provided the example that it took for me to work with someone of the caliber of a Mark Schmitt. Because when you get a guy who is that fast, you better find some way to make him better Coach Ryan will always be a mentor to me, as well as one of my best friends.

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      Coach Ryan is one of the biggest influences in my life when it comes to the sport of swimming along with his assistant Sean Kennedy. There are a lot of things that I could say about both of these coaches but the only thing that matters to me is how much they have taught me in and out of the pool.

      Dennis Ryan is a man that will never be forgotten, how do you forget someone who changes your life? The answer is that you don’t forget them. You learn as much as you can from them and then take your experiences and pass along to as many as you can. Coach Ryan not only taught those in college but had a significant effect on those who swam in his summer swim lesson program. He is a man that everyone has learned from and is truly loved by everyone he comes into contact with. NCC will never be the same program that it once was when Coach Ryan and Coach Sean were on Deck.

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