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      I heard they are going to have the 2020 Nationals in Bangladesh. Now, I know you’re thinking, but that isn’t even in the country, how can they hold NCAA’s outside of the country. Well, the thing is, there is a clause in the NCAA bylaws that says in every year with alternating repeating numbers, like 2020, or the last out of country nationals in 1919 (Papa New Guinea), the meet must be held outside of the country, in a third world country, or a country that is close to it. Bangladesh just built a seven lane pool, with a 3 foot deep end for maximized under water kicking, and blocks made from milk crates. It’s not as fast as some pools because the foundation of the pool is made from mudpack and the water is a little muddy, but the secret is that they don’t use chlorine or bromine, but instead sardines, so when you’re swimming a mile and you start to feel like your energy reserves are running low, you can just chomp on a sardine and keep it going. I’m pumped to go to this meet, I just wish I was going to be able to swim in it.

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      happy april 1st!!

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      Kari Byron

      Too bad Wang posted that on the 31st…. Oh well, it’s a nice story anyhow, quite creative!

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