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      Elroy Jetson

      with the new school year coming up it’s probably time to post some questions about the new year. sorry, but i don’t know the girls as well as the guys, so there’s not as much here. in 2006 results order:

      Westminster (817 points, 1st place, no qualifiers) – always seem to bring in another good crop of girls. did they do it again? is enough to hold off wj? prediction – 2nd

      WJ (727 points, 2nd place, 2 qualifiers to ncaas) – orstein wins two golds in sidney. masterpietro makes ncaas. can they bring in more freshmen to contend? prediction – 1st

      Grove City (588 points, 3rd place, no qualifiers) – they had a decent freshman class last year but lost a couple good swimmers to graduation. they have a lot of ground to make up – prediction – 3rd

      St. Vincent (161 points, 4th place, NAIA) – just like the guys – they should keep getting better the longer their in existence. how did recruiting go for them? still need time – prediction 5th

      Bethany (150 points, 5th place, no qualifiers) – with more time i’ll give mcgowan credit. he’ll find divers, he’s due to find a good girl (he has to replace culbert this year, doesn’t he?) prediction – 4th

      i know it’s nothing exciting, but i figure it might get people talking.

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